Open Shows with Newfoundland Classes

Updated (partial) 28th March 2020
All who regularly participate in dog shows cannot help but notice the falling number of entries, especially in Open shows. If show societies schedule Newfoundland classes in their Open shows it is important that we support them with entries and attendance otherwise we will lose them.

Without specific newfie classes and sufficient entries exhibitors will inevitably find it hard to win Junior Warrant points and aspiring judges on our B and C lists will not be able to gain experience in judging our breed or accumulate the numbers of dogs judged to enable them to progress.

This page identifies Open shows which have scheduled breed classes for Newfoundands. We strongly encourage all newfie exhibitors to support these shows with entries and your active participation. Many Thanks and Happy Showing.

Show List Co-ordinator

If you are the Secretary of a Show Society who has Newfoundland Classes schedules at your Open show which does not currently appear on the list, please let Hailey Webb know the details. Hailey can be contact via email at

In some circumstances, the Southern Newfoundland Club will consider providing sponsorship for separate Newfoundland classes. Please contact Jeni Giambona, our Hon. Secretary, for details of the availability of SNC sponsorship and the eligibility criteria.


Most canine clubs and societies have cancelled or postponed their shows in the coming months. We cannot keep this list up-to-date with the changes so please check with the club or society before making an entry or attending a show.

Items in blue in the table below are links;

Shows marked with a # have Newfoundland classes sponsored by the Southern Newfoundland Club.
Shows marked with a ## are newly scheduling classes for Newfoundlands - please support them to keep them!

Show Date (Day) Club or Society Venue Judge
No. of Classes Postal
Closing Date
Closing Date