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President: Mrs. Christine Bodman


West Hall, Kennel Club Building, Stoneleigh, Warwickshire
23 November 2013

Show Manager: Liz Shears

2013 Open Show winner line up
Pictured left to right: Best In Show winner - Woodhall's Bearhugs Falcon handled by Jacqui Woodhall, Judge Mr. Kevin Young (Sunkap), Reserve Best In Show winner - Blake's Sandbears Better Than Ever handled by Suzanne Blake, Best Opposite Sex (bitch) winner - Groves' Bridgestone Footjoy, JW handled by Jan Groves, Best Puppy In Show winner - Bellis' Mayoss Natural Magic at Wensumbears handled by Ian Bellis.

Show Manager's Report

"What a brilliant day at the 5th Open show of the SNC. Wonderful friendly atmosphere which many people commented on. Huge thanks to Marissa Jeffries for judging the first ever Special Award Champions Class, a first for the SNC. Whilst this is a class for the privilidged few and the opportunity for up and coming judge to have hands on experience of Champion dogs, my special thanks go to the majority of members who entered their special mates into the general show classes which were judged totally competently by Kevin Young. A very busy schedule asked of him but fulfilled to an excellent level - thank you so much Kevin.

It is always important to retain an impartial opinion on the breed from a knowledgeable all rounder, which I think you did seeing your final line up of dogs, bitches and Best in Show - Totally well done - Thank you so much. Really hope you enjoyed your day. We always take the best dogs home and it is reassuring that most of you realise that.

Junior handling classes saw a change of judge on the day. Thank you Delia Sarsons for stepping in at the last moment to cover the Junior Handling classes in the absence of Cheryl Payne - hope that you are on the road to a speedy recovery Cheryl x.

As always, indescribable help given behind the scenes by the SNC committee - thanks to you all. Huge congratulations to the winners and all those who took part in the competition. I am amazingly proud of our breed and the quality of our dogs - well done."

Liz Shears


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Veteran Bitch   (4 entries / 1 absent)
Veteran Bitch Winner
Veteran Bitch Winner - Anewfday In Heaven at Chateaunewf
Anewfday In Heaven at Chateaunewf
1st  Anewfday In Heaven at Chateaunewf
2nd  Mileoak Madly Scrumptious at Darkpeak
3rd  Tremarcol Just The One
Minor Puppy Bitch   (9 entries / 1 absent)
Minor Puppy Bitch Winner
Minor Puppy Bitch Winner - Merrybear Euphoria at Millthorpe
Merrybear Euphoria at Millthorpe
1st  Merrybear Euphoria at Millthorpe
2nd  Sandbears Kiss N'Tell at Kjalarnes
3rd  Sandbears Love N'It at Luvminewfs
Res  Montevento's Venni Vidi Vinsi
VHC  Wensumbears I Have A Dream
Puppy Bitch   (7 entries / 0 absent)
Puppy Bitch Winner
Puppy Bitch Winner - Mayoss Natural Magic at Wensumbears
Mayoss Natural Magic at Wensumbears
1st  Mayoss Natural Magic at Wensumbears
2nd  Mayoss Tumbling Dice
3rd  Mileoak Mon Amour
Res  Sandbears Kiss N'Tell at Kjalarnes
VHC  Tremarcol Nania in Camnoire
Junior Bitch   (4 entries / 2 absent)
Junior Bitch Winner
Junior Bitch Winner - Sakaribear Sunday Best by Tallisbay
Sakaribear Sunday Best by Tallisbay
1st  Sakaribear Sunday Best by Tallisbay
2nd  Comfortcove Segno Di Stima
Graduate Bitch   (6 entries / 1 absent)
Graduate Bitch Winner
Graduate Bitch Winner - Acara Quantum of Sheridel
Acara Quantum of Sheridel
1st  Acara Quantum of Sheridel
2nd  Acara Electra Queen
3rd  Comfortcove Segno Di Stima
Res  Tremarcol Lady Of The Lake
VHC  Sandbears Perfection
Post Graduate Bitch   (8 entries / 5+1 absent)
Post Graduate Bitch Winner
Post Graduate Bitch Winner - Sandbears Strike It Lucky at Sealake
Sandbears Strike It Lucky at Sealake
1st  Sandbears Strike It Lucky at Sealake
2nd  Shinglebay Innamorata
Limit Bitch   (7 entries / 4 absent)
Limit Bitch Winner
Limit Bitch Winner - Bridgestone Footjoy, JW
Bridgestone Footjoy, JW
1st  Bridgestone Footjoy, JW
2nd  Xciting Story Nuo Ozo Kalvu Sandbears
3rd  Sheridel Acara Acadia
Open Bitch   (4 entries / 1 absent)
Open Bitch Winner
Open Bitch Winner - Ch. Darkpeak Fallen Angel
Ch. Darkpeak Fallen Angel
1st  Ch. Darkpeak Fallen Angel
2nd  Ch. Alphabear Dancing Queen at Sealake, ShCM
3rd  Sandbears Go With Flo
Special Open Bitch (Black)   (3 entries / 1+1 absent)
Special Open Bitch (Black) Winner
Special Open Bitch (Black) Winner - Shinglebay Innamorata
Shinglebay Innamorata
1st  Shinglebay Innamorata
Special Open Bitch (Brown)   (1 entry / 1 absent)
Special Open Bitch (White & Black)   (4 entries / 2 absent)
Special Open Bitch (White & Black) Winner
Special Open Bitch (White & Black) Winner - Ch. Darkpeak A Perfect Storm, JW
Ch. Darkpeak A Perfect Storm, JW
1st  Ch. Darkpeak A Perfect Storm, JW
2nd  Montevento's Venni Vidi Vinsi