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President: Mrs. Christine Bodman


Saturday 11 April 2015 - Bryn Bach Park, Tredegar, Gwent

Hosted by Welsh Newfoundland Activity Group

Test Manager: Jane King

"This event was held on a lovely sunny day, albeit cold, which is unusual for Bryn Bach. There was a good entry with only two fails so rather a successful day all round.

A big thank you goes to the judges and call stewards and to the caterers for keeping us fed and watered. Also thank you to everyone for coming and making this a very enjoyable event."

Jane King

Judges: Steve Pallot & Hedd Richards
Entrants: 5 (1 Brace)      Passes: 6

Congratulations to:

Burridge's Bridgestone Callaway at Bagglebears "Tia" & Bagglebears Gregale "Izzy" (in Brace)
Viney's Evanpark Rocket Man for Millthorpe "Badger"
Wells' Staneberne Icing on the cake for Lake Aragorn "Nellie"
Thornton's Applebanks Lucky Star "Moby"
Thornton's Bearhugs Khal "Merlot"

Judges Reports - Beginners Level

"Some very good work in this Level; with obvious previous training paying off. A sunny windy day with added distractions of noisy ducks, dozens of people and children constantly appearing within close proximity and the presence of other dogs made this quite a challenge for beginners.

As is often the case, tight leads were in evidence at various points throughout the control section. Some vocal encouragement may help to combat this so that a happy voice is used instead of the tightening of the lead. On the plus side, I was very impressed with the Down Stays - it was clear that practice had paid off and the distractions were ignored. Most will soon be ready for higher Levels.

Well done to all the teams."

Hedd Richards

"The tests were held in good weather at a superb venue, all four dogs and the brace passed the test. Three of the dogs were taking the test for the first time - it is good to see new dogs coming into draught tests.

We would like to thank WNAG for hosting the event & all the organizers & catering guys for putting on a great event.

Hedd and I would like to thank the SNC WSSC for inviting us to judge Beginners Level at this event."

Steve Pallot

Judges: Jackie Bagnall & Karen Thompson
Entrants: 5      Passes: 5

Congratulations to:

Whittaker's Freddybears Rugby Girl "Zoe"
King's Safeharbour White But Cute "Effie"
Wells' Staneberne Icing on the cake for Lake Aragorn "Nellie"
Lee's "Balou"
Viney's Evanpark Rocket Man for Millthorpe "Badger"

Judges: Del Richards & David Viney
Entrants: 1 Brace      Passes: 2

Congratulations to:

Bagnall's Newfinch Crystal "Jordan" & AlphabearBlack Velvet for Newfinch "Velvet" (in Brace)

Judges Reports - Level 1

Report to follow

Jackie Bagnall

Report to follow

Karen Thompson

"I stepped in to be the co-judge at this Level as one of the Judges wanted to work her team as a Brace. This team did very well considering the 5/6 year difference in age of the two dogs. It can be difficult to stimulate and excite an older dog while trying to keep the younger one calm enough so that she does not over-react to voice commands. This team did it just right in my opinion. The only slight hiccup was due to it being a very windy day and the older dog did not always hear the command. Otherwise a very steady performance."

Del Richards

Report to follow

David Viney

Judges: David Viney & Karen Thompson
Entrants: 5      Passes: 4

Congratulations to:

Payne's Kalibah Got Talent "Prada"
Burridge's Bagglebears Gregale "Izzy"
Dixon's Newfinch Hera for Arktikos "Rosie"
Watt's Sheridel Sakami "Theo"

Judges Reports - Level 2

"Thank you to the SNC for inviting me to judge Level 2. One dogs did not manage to get through the control section, the remainder all had excellent passes and should progress to the next level. The other dog will certainly pass very soon, keep training!

Many thanks to Jane and all the WNAG team."

David Viney

Report to follow

Karen Thompson

Judges: Del Richards & Kevin Clarke
Entrants: 2      Passes: 0      Absent: 1

Judges Reports - Level 3

"Only one team present. A very happy dog who worked with a wagging tail and smiling face. Some extra lead pressure knocked off points in the early stage of the control section. Unfortunately, the down stay was not completed and the reset only resulted in even shorter subsequent attempts.

A lot of distractions at this venue today and the combination of wind and scary (to the dog) waving tree branches at the side of the ring made this a training opportunity only. A shame as it is obvious that this dog enjoys her one to one and I'm sure can normally complete this Level."

Del Richards

Report to follow

Kevin Clarke