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President: Mrs. Christine Bodman


Saturday 26 September 2015 & Sunday 27 September 2015 - Worton, Devizes, Wiltshire

Kindly hosted by John & Christine Bodman
Test Manager - Mrs. Cheryl Payne

"Wow, what a weekend! Newfs In Action were delighted to host these two levels of draught tests. Little did we know that illness would strike and breakdowns would give us some logistical challenges, but all was sorted and the events went very well.

Firstly a huge Thank you to Chris and John Bodman for the use of their land and property - really appreciated. Like a typical Brit, I shall say the weather was kind ... but at times too kind - it did get very hot! Humans and dogs were kept well hydrated and as always safety came first.

On Saturday we had 8 entrants, many of whom were very new to draught work - both owners and dogs, and they really challenged themselves and did exceptionally well with 100% passes! Thank you to our lovely judges Del and Jackie. Del was very ill and we thank her for carrying on with very little voice. As always taking that first step always feels a HUGE leap. It is great to see so many new people have a go and achieve great things with their dogs. This for me is the true value of a fun day - letting people experience something that they do not normally have the opportunity to do, and having great fun with their best friends - Their Newfoundland.

Sunday was a new day and a new level! Unfortunately our second judge broke down on the way to the venue, and this left us with only one judge (these things cannot be helped and our thoughts are only with the safety of the individual - all was fine). I would like to formally thank Kirsteen Farrar who stepped in to judge, so that the event could go ahead. Kirsteen had spent the whole of Saturday organising and running the Rally Obedience, and so to undertake judging on Sunday was a huge favour - thank you. Our call steward Frances Carter was undertaking this role for the first time, and she was brilliant - thank you Frances.

With three of the teams being on their first attempt, nerves were high and got the better of some teams. However all four teams gave their best, and the result was three teams going on the haul (one for experience) and two very good passes. This was the first time that this venue has been used for a level one and it worked very well

Thank you to all our judges, to the SNC working committee, and most importantly to those who took part or supported. One last thank you - to my husband Phil, for transporting carts, putting up rings, being on call for anything and everything to make it all go smoothly."

Cheryl Payne

Entrants: 8      Passes: 8
Judges: Jackie Bagnall & Del Richards

Congratulations to:

Richardson's Greatfalcon Taken By Storm "Charlie"
Roche's "Diago"
Franklin's Shinglebay High Hopes "Bettye"
Franklin's Shinglebay Innamorata "Maddy"
Dixon's Newfinch Hera for Arktikos "Rosie"
Cole's Shinglebay That's Amore "Lexi"
Furnell's Safeharbour Kellermans at Furdonbay "Cooper"
Lamb's Calvados Captain Moonlight "Blue"

Judges Report - Beginners Level - Day One

"Many thanks to Newfs in Action for hosting this test and to my co-judge Jackie Bagnall. Apologies to entrants that I was missing half my voice and not able to explain things as clearly as I would have liked!

A lovely day for the dogs - dry but not too hot. Many of the dogs and handlers were taking this test for the first time, some with minimal training beforehand - and it was pleasing to see that there was a good bond between dog and handler.

The usual 'too tight leads' were evident and some handlers forgot to talk to their dogs - teamwork is the key word, so remember to engage with your dog in whatever way suits him/her best. Lovely to see dogs who were slightly naughty coming into the ring but putting their serious heads on for the haul and doing so 'to the manner born'. All managed the basics with no real problem but the less experienced will need to put in a bit more practise at this level before progressing to the next one.

There were numerous distractions at this venue and it was reassuring to see dogs and handlers coping so well. Congratulations to all eight who took part and passed at this Level."

Del Richards & Jackie Bagnall

Entrants: 4      Passes: 2
Judges: Kirsteen Farrar & Dave Viney

Congratulations to:

Richardson's Greatfalcon Taken By Storm "Charlie"
Payne's Bridgestone Grande Dunes at Squestpaws "Miss Dior"

Judges Report - Level 1 - Day Two

"I stepped in to judge the level one draught tests, as the planned judge had broken down and would not make it to the venue. There were four entrants, all whom were enthusiastic to attempt their level one. It was the first attempt at a level one for three of the teams, and two of these passed - well done.

Spending some time understanding the regulations will help those who didn't pass on the day be better prepared, and with a little more practice I am confident that they will reach the required standard.

For the control section it would be worth entrants ensuring that their dogs understand some basic commands ... all dogs are trainable and this should avoid the need for handlers to use their lead or physical contact/man handling to enforce commands.

Those who passed did so very nicely, and I hope they work on the areas identified and carry on to the higher levels. The weather was very kind to us, although maybe a little too hot by the end of the test. Well done to all entrants."

Kirsteen Farrar

Report to follow

Dave Viney