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President: Mrs. Christine Bodman


Sunday 12 July 2015 - Ashleworth, Gloucester

Kindly hosted by Margaret & Brian Cox
Test Manager - Cheryl Payne

"Firstly I would like to thank Margaret and Bryan for again allowing us use of their fabulous venue. Then I must thank the SNC working committee for letting us arrange beginners draught tests at this fun event. It is so important to help new people see what they can achieve in partnership with their Newfoundland.

A huge thank you to our judges, Dave and Karen, who really did make every candidate feel at ease and encourage brilliant results and to our call steward Angie for being simply brilliant as ever. The hugest thanks must go to those who entered, all of whom passed their beginners test with ease.

It was brilliant to see people have a go and really enjoy their time in the ring. It has to be said taking a draught test with shows, agility, good citizens and a bar-b-que around, makes the pass even more special!

Thank you to everyone, we hope you all enjoyed it, and we hope that those who observed this time have the courage to have a go next time."

Cheryl Payne

Entrants: 6      Passes: 6
Judges: David Viney & Karen Thompson

Congratulations to:

Payne's Bridgestone Grande Dunes At Squestpaws "Miss Dior"
Morris' "Dylan"
Morris' Tremarcol Nimrod "Merlin"
McLauchlan's Newgraden Pebbles "Pebbles"
Dixon's Newfinch Hera for Arktikos "Rosie"
Powles' Charmedgift Polly Pocket "Polly"

Judges Reports

"A good day was had at the SNC fun day held at Margaret Collins', the day was very hot which made it very hard for the dogs.

We had six entries all passed but more training will be required for these teams to progress to the next level, more verbal and hand commands will be required, tight leads are still a problem with some teams."

David Viney

"It was a pleasure to be asked to judge the beginners draught test at the SNC fun day in Gloucester. The setting was lovely, and the weather was glorious.

It was a slow start, with so much going on, getting people to take the plunge took some time, but once they started, the queue never stopped. Seeing new people try something different with their Newfoundland is always brilliant, and the delight on the faces of the owners was fabulous to see.

There was a special pass of the day - Elliot and Polly. What a fabulous team they are, and this is really what fun days are all about, helping people achieve and enjoy being in partnership with their Newfoundland.

All six entrants worked really well and I am delighted that they all passed. With some more training, I am sure that they all have the ability to move on to Level 1.

Thank you for letting me judge at this great event."

Karen Thompson