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Sunday 23 May 2010 - Grangewaters, South Ockendon, Essex

Kindly hosted by Muddy Paws Working Newfoundlands

Test Manager - Tina Roberts

Gathered for the morning welcome, safety and judges briefings

Robyn Johnson with Cru'Ella - Junior Handler of the day with a Section C pass

"I would like to thank all the judges, stewards and the Muddy Paws members for making it another great test day at Grangewaters. The sun shone brightly as a total of 33 dogs took part in 44 tests overall with 23 passes covering Sections A, B & C. It's a shame we didn't have any higher level passes (not for the lack of trying) - maybe next time.

Once again thank's to all who took part or just came along for the day, hope to see you all again very soon."

Tina Roberts

Pictures from the SNC Water Tests - 23 May 2010
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The venue at Grangewaters under a clear blue sky
Enthusiastic to get started
"It's okay, I'm signing autographs later."
Everyone's welcome, including a smooth-coated newfie (actually a Greyhound really!)
Section A test in progress in the first swim area
Chillin' in the shade
Our hardworking helmsman
Pauline doing her usual brilliant job of recording results and producing Certificates
A lovely family day out
Setting the objects for a directed retrieve exercise in Section D
Even the judges have time for some fun
Section B tests in the second swim area
Getting ready
Section A judging
Enjoying the sunshine
7 year old Megan getting a tow from 10 year old Tally
Swimming together
Test Manager, Tina Roberts (on right), keeping an eye on proceedings
Towing a 'stranger' back to shore during a test
Job done!
Taking a rope to the boat in a Section D test
No caption required ... the picture says it all!
Judges: Rachel Gaines & Llynda Baugh
Entrants: 18      Passes: 15

Congratulations to:

Hill's Alphabear Ocean Blue for Ableseanewf "Maia"
MacKillican's Dalmacaws Little Prince "Bruce"
MacKillican's Sheenmarie Enchanted "Diesel"
MacKillican & Todd's Mileoak Whispered Secret "Daisy"
Mercer's Darkpeak Born To Run "Aoife"
Lord's Mileoak Rince Ri "Amazon"
Viney's Millthorpe Sea Breeze "Millie"
Payne's Kalibah Icicle "Tilly"
Lord's Starbern Sea Weed "Dudley"
Payne's "Twizzle"
Green's Woldybears Forever More "Oscar"
Arnold's Newgraden Knight Of Templar "Arthur"
Brown's Loveanewf Sir Nottingham "Winston"
Constable's Culnor Be Cool "Daisy"
Constable's Hanningfield Shipwright "Bramble"

Judges Reports - Section A

"18 dogs! The biggest entry I have ever tested, it was fantastic. Dogs ages ranged from 8 months to 11 years and they all had a lovely time. The standard was very, very high and even those who did not pass only failed on one or two silly things - or in one case just because it was a lovely day and all he wanted to do was swim up and down.

Lots of passes were faultless which reflected the standard today. A lovely day at a lovely venue."

Rachel Gaines & Llynda Baugh

Judges: Sandra Constable & Keith Sargeant
Entrants: 13      Passes: 3

Congratulations to:

Spence's Lonesomepine Great Guns "Yogi"
MacKillican's Sheenmarie Enchanted "Diesel"
Payne's "Twizzle"

Judges Reports - Section B

"We had 13 dogs to judge but only three passes, most didn't do either the underwater retrieve or the safe/controlled swim.

I would advise entrants to read the Regs, many didn't realise their dog could trawl the underwater object and then pick it up and for some this seemed a natural way of achieveing this part of the Test.

The safe swim needs to be practised but this element as well as all parts of the Test, especially the underwater retrieve, needs to be fun for the dogs to get the most out of it. Our three passes all achieved this and because the dogs were enjoying doing the exercise they passed each section of the test with flying colours. Well done."

Sandra Constable & Keith Sargeant

Judges: Mick Reilly & Clive Haylock
Entrants: 8      Passes: 5

Congratulations to:

Baugh’s Quietstorm Solstice "Layla"
Johnson's Sparkybears Two Shoes among Piratebears "Cru'ella"
Johnson's Evanpark Ghost among Piratebears "Minnie"
Constable's Hanningfield Water Willow "Willow"
Hill’s Honeybears Funny Girl "Maisie"

Judges Reports - Section C

"A good entry of 8 dogs for Level C with 5 passes and 3 fails. The passes were of a generally high standard and these dogs should do well at the next level. Two of the fails need to work on the swim and otherwise are not far away from this level. The last dog decided this was not her day to work but had a nice swim anyway.

The only bad practice we noted was use of physical redirection and all owners should be aware of this, especially at the higher levels.

Many thanks to the Southern for inviting me to judge. Thanks to Tina, all the stewards and to Clive for co-judging with me for the day and of course the entrants, without whom we would not be needed."

Mick Reilly & Clive Haylock

Judges: Peter Webber & Pete Lewin
Entrants: 3      Passes: 0

Judges Reports - Section D

"Blazing sun, no wind, great water quality and three dogs entered. Sorry no passes, the main stumbling block being exiting the boat (in 30 seconds). Handlers and dogs were very keen and worked their best to pass.

Thanks to water stewards, working as a team and very competent. Both judges also worked as a team and agreed throughout the test. The Test Manager and Muddy Paws team all work well and the day was organised professionally."

Peter Webber & Pete Lewin

Judges: Jen Lewin & Kevin Mercer
Entrants: 2      Passes: 0

Judges Reports - Section E

Report to follow

Jen Lewin

Report to follow

Kevin Mercer