In-house Draught Tests - Beginners and Levels 1 & 2

18 November 2021
Fairlop, Essex
Hosted by and for South Essex Working Newfoundlands

I think it has been just over 10 years since we held a draught test at Fairlop for one of the breed clubs, so it was a great day. It was decided on this occasion to hold the test as an 'in-house' test for the members of our working group. In the end, there were no entries for Level 2, but we held a number of tests for Beginners and Level 1 which we all needed to start our younger dogs off as working carting dogs.

Thank you to everyone in the group not only for their entries, but for their help and support on the day, it was really appreciated.

Clive Walls, Test Manager

Results and Reports

Beginners Level

Judges: Dave Viney & Pete Webber
Entrants 5: Passes: 5
OwnerCall NameRegistered Name
Haylock Jenna Freddybears Witchy Or What
Richards & Martin Chip Stelamah Chocolate Chip
Richards & Martin Mojo Darkpeak Snow Flurry
Humpage Teddy
Haylock Maddy (Barbet)

Weather was great on the day, although very cold. We had five dogs entered and pleased to say all passed. The event was well organized and went smoothly
Thank you to all the stewards and helpers. Good to be back to normal after lockdown.

Pete Webber

Judges: Dave Viney & Sue Dobson
Entrants: 1 Passes: 1
OwnerCall NameRegistered Name
Webber Rushmore Teddyhawks Mr Daydream

We had six dogs, all good passes. The weather was fine and chilly.
Thanks to Test Manager Clive and the SNC for asking us to judge.

Dave Viney & Sue Dobson

Level 1

Judges: Dave Viney & Clive Haylock
Entrants 3: Passes: 2
OwnerCall NameRegistered Name
Walls Zale Ursanigra Its All Greek to Me
Dobson Cassie Ursanigra Cassiopeia

Judges: Dave Viney &Clive Walls
Entrants: 4 Passes: 2
OwnerCall NameRegistered Name
Dobson Molly
Haylock Georgia (GoldenDoodle)

We had seven dogs entered with five passes, one had trouble with the down stay, the other made a good attempt at his first test and with a little more training will surely pass.
Thanks to SNC for asking us to judge and to Test Manager Clive

Clive Haylock, Dave Viney & Clive Walls

Level 2

No Entries