Draught Tests
- All Levels (Beginners to Level 4)

14 October 2023
Whitemead Caravan Park, Parkend, Lydney, Gloucstershire, GL15 4LA
Hosted by Welsh Newfoundland Activity Group

Great to be back at this lovely venue again, with a large grass area for the control sections and direct access into the Forest of Dean for all the various levels of haul. Apart from a couple of afternoon downpours the weather was kind to us.

Lovely to see entries at all Levels and congratulations to everyone who passed. A lovely friendly atmosphere including an evening meal glad everyone enjoyed themselves.

Sara Davies, Test Manager

Results and Reports - Saturday 14th October 2023

Level Beginners

Judges: Rebecca Thornton & Steve Pallot
Entrants: 2 | Passes: 2
Owner Call Name Registered Name

Two very lovely passes, some tight leads but great team work!

Thanks for the opportunity to judge in the sun.

Rebecca Thornton & Steve Pallot

Level 1

Judges: Karen Thompson & Kay Burridge
Entrants: 3 | Passes: 2
Owner Call Name Registered Name
King's Brian Saskinbears Back In Black
Richards' Chip Stelamah Chocolate Chip

Today we had good weather for a draught test.

Three entries, sadly one dog was over enthusiastic on the recall and left the ring. The remaining two dogs went on to complete a nice manoeuvring section and took the haul through the forest in their stride.

Thank you to SNC for inviting us to judge today and to Sara for test managing.

Karen Thompson & Kay Burridge

Level 2

Judges: Jeff Burridge & Jackie Bagnall
Entrants: 5 | Passes: 2
Owner Call Name Registered Name
Richards'sValerieSaskinbears Red Red Wine
Sanders'NancyLet It Be Baranova Tender Ebony

Thank you SNC for inviting us to judge at this lovely venue and to WNAG for hosting the test.

There were 5 dogs who passed the control section with ease, but unfortunately three failed the down stay. The other two dogs went on to do nice hauls and passed.

Jeff Burridge & Jackie Bagnall

Level 3

Judges: Jane King & Sue Sanders
Entrants: 1 | Passes: 1
Owner Call Name Registered Name
Burridge'sMartaNurburgnewf Lady Shazam at Bagglebears

Following a week of heavy rain, the Level 3 draught test took place on a beautiful autumn morning at this beautiful venue in the Forest of Dean.

There was one entrant today ands this young dog and her handler achieved an excellent pass. All four sections of the test were of a very high standard, the challenging haul obstacles and distractions proved to be no problem.

This excellent draught venue offers some excellent haul routes over varied terrain.

Our thanks to Sara Davies for test managing and the SNC and WNAG for their hospitality. Also thanks to our call steward.

Jane King & Sue Sanders

Level 4

Judges: Steve Pallot & David Taylor
Entrants: 1 | Passes: 0

We judged one dog at this level today, it was very wet underfoot, unfortunately the team didn't pass.

Thank you to SNC for asking us to judge and to WNAG for looking after us.