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Saturday 13 & Sunday 14 August 2016 - Bryn Bach Park, Tredegar, Gwent

Kindly hosted by Welsh Newfoundland Activity Group

Test Manager - Jane King

"What a lovely weekend we had for our water tests. There were excellent entries over the two days, 56 altogether, so we constantly kept the judges busy. Thank you to everyone who stepped in to steward, help or do whatever was required to do and thank you to the judges.

I hope everyone had a good weekend, I know I did. Also thank you to Bev for stepping in and helping Nev with the catering, much appreciated.

Looking forward to seeing you all again because without you all none of this would be possible."

Jane King

Entrants: 18      Passes: 14
Judges: Stewart Arnold & Kay Burridge

Congratulations to:

West & Bartlett's Bagglebears Moonstruck at Wilbears "Willow"
Myall's Tallisbay True Gentleman "Marmite"
Viney's Evanpark Rocket Man To Millthorpe "Badger"
Viney's "Rosie"
Williams' Dearchary's Good Vibrations "Merlin"
Well's Staneberne Whomping Willow "Maud"
Moulsdale's Great Falcon River Guardian "Pluto"
Clarke's "Boycie"

Judges: Jane King & Chris Roberts

Congratulations to:

Godden's Harvey Bouncing Beech "Harvey"
Taylor's Bagglebears Thunder Moon at Mollynewf "Kitchi"
Taylor's Stillstream Sura Kanti at Mollynewf "Sura"
Well's Staneberne Sea Angel "Esme"
Arnold's Staneberne With Love To Newfarrier "Evie"
Well's Comfortcove This Is The One "Parker"

Judges Reports - Section A

"Firstly I would like to thank the SNC for inviting me to carry out my first judging appointment at Parc Bryn Bach and also to WNAG for their hospitality.

There were a total of 9 entries, 8 of which passed and 1 fail. It was nice to see a wide range of ages entered, from veterans to puppies. I look forward to seeing the dogs progressing through the higher levels.

Thanks to all who helped steward this test."

Stewart Arnold

"I would just like to add my thanks to Jane and team WNAG who made today such an enjoyable event.

I would also like to thank all who entered today it was a pleasure to see dogs of all ages enjoying completing this test."

Kay Burridge

"I had the pleasure of stepping in and doing my first judging appointment with Chris Roberts as we had a large entry and didn't want to be there 'til dark. We judged 9 dogs out of the 18 entries. Six dogs passed with three fails, but they are more than capable of passing, just didn't want to on the day.

Thank you to Chris for your guidance and I look forward to judging again."

Jane King

"Asked to step in on the day, due to the large entry, which is a good sign. Many thanks to the Welsh group for their hospitality and standards they set; stewards first class and well managed by Jane King."

Chris Roberts

Entrants: 10      Passes: 4
Judges: Chris Roberts & Kay Burridge

Congratulations to:

Bull's Chateaunewf Pandora "Mitzy"
Dickinson's "Maximus"
Thornton's Bearhugs Kal "Merlot"
Decouto's "Otis"

Judges Reports - Section C

"I'd like to thank the SNC for the judges appointment for my first C test, helped by my fellow judge Kay. Always a pleasure to be here, well looked after and well run by Jane King. Looking forward to judging here again."

Chris Roberts

"Thank you to the SNC WSSC for inviting me to judge at the Bryn Bach water tests, always a pleasure to judge on my home ground. Big thanks to Jane and her team for looking after me and for such a well run event.

We had 10 entries today, with four very good passes. Those who didn't pass today were so close, only failing on one element. I'm sure with a little more work they will all pass this level with ease."

Kay Burridge

No Entrants:

Entrants: 16      Passes: 10
Judges: Karen Thompson & Chris Roberts

Congratulations to:

Bartlett's Bagglebears Moonstruck at Wilbears "Willow"
King's Safeharbour White But Cute "Effie"
Boyle's Dalrynewfs Chewie Chum "Chewie"
Burridge's Bagglebears Moonshine "Ellie"
Webb's Ourfairview Dare To Bear for Barracechi "Mya"
Webb's Comfortcove This Is The One "Parker"

Judges: Kevin Clarke & Chris Roberts

Congratulations to:

Godden's Harvey Bouncing Beech "Harvey"
Dickinson's "Jinny"
Moulsdale's Great Falcon River Guardian "Pluto"
Myall's Tallisbay True Gentleman "Marmite"

Judges Reports - Section B

"Again, thanks to The SNC for my appointment. In section B the dogs today were of good standard and only failed on one of the sections. A big thank you to my fellow judge Karen Thompson, boat and land stewards who make our job easier.

The test in general was well supported which is a good thing for the future."

Chris Roberts

"A huge entry which was split into two groups or I think we would may have been there until midnight to get through them all. The standards are really high for this level. Had some superb test with one dog not dropping a single point - it is worth the wait to do it in style!

This level is a big jump up from the basic elements in A, however everyone entered had a really good try at reaching the standard required in all the elements. In all the time I have been working Newfoundlands it is always the same two elements that are the main problem, the underwater retrieve and the controlled swim.

We did have one young lady who has had a rough start in this world who did amazingly well for her new owner and handler, I was proud to watch her have a go. Most managed it today, some with more style than others. However a pass is a pass and the ones that were close know they have some work to do before moving on to section C. The entries that nearly made it, keep up the good work, you will get there.

Thanks to Chris Roberts for judging with me."

Karen Thompson

Entrants: 11      Passes: 2
Judges: Kay Burridge & Karen Thompson

Congratulations to:

Dickinson's "Maximus"
Clarke's "Ceasar"

Judges Reports - Section D

"Had a very busy day judging our wonderful breed at Bryn Bach. I had two levels to judge today B & D. What a fabulous entry, 11 entered in D and 16 in B. Thank you to all the entrants for allowing me to judge your dogs. A big thank you to WNAG for hosting the event, without you we wouldn't be able to see the abilities of our wonderful breed. A massive thank you also for looking after me today.

A great entry for this level. The standard required for this level really means you have to work with your dog and your dog needs to understand what you require of them. You do need to stay calm and not panic, this just confuses them more. I could see from the standard that most people had been training hard for this test.

I think D1 is possibly extremely difficult for the dogs to understand, after all we throw something in the water for them to retrieve it, not take it out further! However it seems to be different elements for different dogs on this level not always the same ones that cause a problem.

We did have some nice passes and the ones that didn't quite manage it are more than capable of managing it another time. Keep up the good work and I hope to see you all next time. Thank you Kay Burridge for judging alongside me."

Karen Thompson

"11 entries for this level is a good signal that people are working hard with their dogs throughout the swimming year. We had two nice passes, those that didn't manage to pass today, I'm sure will do so soon as they all seem more than capable of carrying out what is required of them.

Thank you to the stewards, helmsman and to my co-judge Karen Thompson."

Kay Burridge

Pictures from the Bryn Bach Water Tests - 13 & 14 August 2016

Many thanks to Paul Williams for these photographs.

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