Draught Tests - All Levels (Beginners to Level 4)

23rd & 24th March 2024
Moore Lane, East Mersea, Colchester, Essex, CO5 8FE
Hosted by South Essex Working Newfoundlands

Report to follow

Ken Richards, Test Manager

Results and Reports - Saturday 23rd March 2024

Level Beginners

Judges: Alan Godden & Kay Burridge
Entrants: 5 | Passes: 5
Owner Call Name Registered Name
Pallot'sNinjaStaneberne Wave Rider
Haylock'sBirdieFreddybears Fairy Sleeping
Richards'ChipStelamah Chocolate Chip
Germain'sErikDidleo St Germain Saule (Leonberger)
Haylock'sGeorgia(Golden Doodle)

Thank you for the opportunity to commence my judging career and to Kay for guiding me through. A nice selection of dogs from experienced veterans to young dogs starting their draught experience. All of our entries passed, despite some youngsters being very distracted by surroundings. A test that started in fine conditions that deteriorated to freezing hail! Well done everyone.

Alan Godden & Kay Burridge

Level 2

Judges: Sara Davies & Greg Roffe
Entrants: 4 | Passes: 3
Owner Call Name Registered Name
Richards'ValerieSaskinbears Red Red Wine
Strong'sJessieWilderland Golden Bough
Sanders'NancyLet It Be Baranova Tender Ebony

Thank you for inviting us to judge today. We had four dogs with three very nice passes and one near miss.

Sara Davies

As said good to see owner and dog working as a team. Great passes hope to see them all again.

Greg Roffe

Level 4

Judges: David Taylor & Sue Sanders
Entrants: 4 | Passes: 2
Owner Call Name Registered Name
Burridge's Marta Nurburgnewf Lady Shazam at Bagglebears
Dobson's Cassie Ursanigra Cassiopia

Four entries today and two dogs passed. With the exception of one dog, more focus needed on the control section, especially the change of pace. Challenging weather pushed handlers and dogs at times.

David Taylor & Sue Sanders

Results and Reports - Sunday 24th March 2024

Level Beginners

Judges: Caroline Germain & Kevin Clarke
Entrants: 5 | Passes: 3
Owner Call Name Registered Name
Haylock'sBirdieFreddybears Fairy Sleeping
Roffe'sAshlyn & Aimee(Brace)

Many thanks to SNC for the invitation to judge. The weather stayed fine!

Five dogs entered, on the day two dogs withdrew. Of the three teams present, one retired. The other two teams went on to have good passes, one young dog not dropping a single point, we look forward to following this promising team in the future.

Caroline Germain & Kevin Clarke

Level 1

Judges: Dave Viney & Clive Haylock
Entrants: 4 | Passes: 3
Owner Call Name Registered Name
Rogers' AliceInkomo Bloomingdale
Burridge's MartaNurburgnewf Lady Shazam at Bagglebears
Strong'sJessieWilderland Golden Bough

Weather a bit changeable today. We had four entries; three passed and one dog did not want to leave his dad. The teams that passed did a good Control Section - the only real problem was tight leads. All dogs did a very competent Haul, over some testing obstacles for this Level.

Thank you for the opportunity to judge, to SEWN members and Test Manager, Ken.

Dave Viney & Clive Haylock

Level 3

Judges: Jeff Burridge & Steve Pallot
Entrants: 4 | Passes: 2
Owner Call Name Registered Name
Davies'KubebaBarracechi Urs De Munte
Haylock's Georgia(Golden Doodle)

Thank you SEWN for arranging this test and SNC for inviting us to judge.

There was four entries, one of which failed to get through the control section and one unfortunately got up on the down stay at the end of the haul. Thanks again.

Jeff Burridge & Steve Pallot