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President: Mrs. Christine Bodman


Sunday 14 April 2013 - Bryn Bach Park, Tredegar, Gwent

Hosted by Welsh Newfoundland Activity Group

Test Manager: Kay Burridge

"This was the first time we, WNAG, have hosted a draught test, on top of that, it was the first time the Newfoundland Club and Southern Newfoundland Club have worked together to hold combined tests, It seemed to work well, and hopefully we will be able to repeat the process later this year.

There were a total of 26 dogs entered over the weekend, 16 on the Sunday, unfortunately we had three absentees, those that did attend had a successful day, with only 2 dogs failing Level 1. Beginners was made more interesting by having a Brace entered, I'm glad to say they worked well together and had a nice pass. In Level 3, both teams entered were successful.

WNAG would like to thank Bryn Bach Park management for allowing us to use the park; it is a superb venue for a draught test with the terrain lending itself well to all levels.

I would like to thank all the judges, stewards and ‘Team WNAG’ for their brilliant dedication in the face of the most horrendous rain. And last but not least a big thank you to all who entered and battled on despite the weather I hope you all enjoyed the event."

Kay Burridge

Judges: David Viney & Jude Moulsdale
Entrants: 6      Absent: 2     Passes: 4 (incl. one Brace)

Congratulations to:

Clarke's "Moses" (in Brace)
Clarke's "Cesar" (in Brace)
Clarke's Bagglebears Seabreeze "Breeze"
Richards' Sheridel Oueda "Morgan"

Judges Reports - Beginners Level

"Well done all the members of WNAG for such a good test, the weather was not very good to say the least heavy rain both days. With only three dogs to judge we finished quite quickly, all dogs performed very well, all three dogs had good passes.

Many thanks to Kay and all WNAG members, I look forward to the next test at this super venue. A big thank you to Jude for all her help. All we need next time is the weather to play ball."

Dave Viney

"Four entrants in the Beginners level test today with one no-show. The weather conditions were torrential rain and a good few inches of mud so it was understandable!

First entrant was a brace and the team worked exceptionally well. Loud, clear commands from the handler gave both dogs the best chance throughout the test. A great pass with only a few points lost.

Our next entrant had a more mature dog who worked really well, most of the lost points were down to the handler holding the lead as if they were showing the dog rather than taking part in a draught test. The dog was calm and keen throughout the test and it was a well deserved pass.

Third and final entrant was another great pass with a young dog that has great potential in draught work being so good at such a young age.

Thank you to our call steward Sarah and my fellow judge Dave Viney and to all the WNAG team who, as always put on a great event."

Jude Moulsdale

Judges: Hedd Richards & Karen Thompson
Entrants: 9      Absent: 1     Passes: 6

Congratulations to:

King's Safeharbour The Never Never "Sasha"
King's Safeharbour Dirty Dancing "Summer"
Bagnall's Alphabear Black Velvet for Newfinch "Velvet"
Bagnall's Newfinch Crystal "Jordan"
Burridge’s Bagglebears Gregale "Izzi"
Burridge's Bagglebears Sirocco "Inka"

Judges Reports - Level 1

"Well what can I say about the tests – it was wet, very wet indeed. So WELL DONE to all you brave people that carried on regardless.

Had 8 entries which resulted in 6 passes and 2 not quite ready. However it was only the down stay that prevented them going on to pass the level. Great shame, two lovely dogs.

Of the entries that did make it they all did rather well. It was nice to see loose leads. The dogs did really well despite the dreadful weather.

Some points I would make – some handlers need to give more specific commands ie left/right and not turn. If you say turn to a dog how does it know which way. The main commands I would use are left, right, wait or stand, close and round. These commands are so easy to use in draught and water.

We must apologise for not giving you comments on the day but it proved impossible to write, you will get them we promise.

I would like to thank Hedd for judging with me, we managed to get through it without sliding over in the mud. I think we were both in agreement with all the results.

I would also like to thank Kay and the WNAG group for as usual putting on a lovely event, great day with a lovely atmosphere as it always is at Tredegar.

In all I really enjoyed my day thank you for having me."

Karen Thompson

"A dreadful spell of weather made this a challenge for all concerned. However, the teams coped well and carried out most of the exercises in a calm manner.

Both my co-judge and I noticed that there was a little lack of communication between dog and handler, especially when turning - a direction command is useful and will be of great value at higher Levels. Either a 'Left' or 'Right' command or an 'Away' (left) and 'Close to me' (right) will help. Dog and handler should work as a team and there are no points lost for verbal communication and encouragement - it fact it is a great sign of teamwork.

The 2 dogs who were 'not ready' to be awarded a Pass (from the 8 who turned up) were understandably reluctant to go into the Down position (given the wet muddy conditions, they had a point!!!).

The manoeuver/hauls were done well with handlers appearing to be doing the thinking ahead in terms of negotiating the turns etc.. Due to the wet conditions, my co-judge and I shared score sheets and I agree with her comments as we 'pooled our opinions' when filling them in.

Many thanks for inviting me to judge - I had a great day. Thanks also to Karen for co-judging - it was a pleasure. Well done to all entrants - some good efforts made."

Hedd Richards

Judges: Del Richards & Mick Reilly
Entrants: 2      Passes: 2

Congratulations to:

Clarke's "Boycie"
Moulsdale's Greatfalcon River Guardian "Pluto"

Judges Reports - Level 3

"Two entries, both dogs passed but both border-line due to back-up problems on control section and out of sight down stay on haul. A bit more work on these and then both dogs would be competent to move up to Level 4.

Many thanks to entrants, test manager and stewards, without them these tests would not happen. Thanks also to my co-judge Del, as always, a pleasure."

Mick Reilly

"Same comments apply from me. Slightly challenging weather, but all coped well."

Del Richards