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President: Mrs. Christine Bodman


Saturday 21 September 2013 & Sunday 22 September 2013 - Worton, Devizes, Wiltshire

Kindly hosted by John & Christine Bodman
Test Manager - Mrs. Cheryl Payne

"Firstly I would like to thank Christine & John Bodman for hosting the SNC fun event, and to everyone at the SNC for working with us to arrange carting tests at this event. A special thank you to the Working Section for allowing us the flexibility to run this.

I would like to formally thank our judges and call stewards, who were fantastic - encouraging and who had long journeys to be at the event.

To everyone who took part a huge well done. Most of the entrants are not members of working clubs and would not normally have had the opportunity to try carting let alone pass their first test! I hope it has encouraged some to seek out local clubs and enjoy working in partnership with their dog.

I am delighted that we had 15 entries over the two days and even more delighted that we had 15 passes.

I would like to Thank "Newfs In Action" for hosting the carting sessions both in terms of teaching and running the tests on behalf of SNC."

Cheryl Payne

Entrants: 10      Passes: 10
Judges: Jackie Bagnall & Del Richards

Congratulations to:

Lewis' Sandbears Red Rose for Katalana "Montana"
Mumford's Acara Kamal Khan "Kodiak"
Wood's Gablecross Sorcerers Son of Gydewood "Brocas" (Golden Retriever)
Gray's Shalowseas Out Spoken "Woody"
Downing's Sheridel Sewati "Arthur"
Hart's "Brutus"
Hart's "Bonnie" (handled by Jess Little)
Brain's Acara License To Thrill "Shilo"
Vincent's Alphabear That's Me At Cumngo "Dreamer"
Sayer's Lindgreave Summertime Blue "Onslow"

Judges Report - Beginners Level - Day One

"I was delighted to judge the Beginners Level Draught test at the SNC Fun Day at the Old Forge, Worton, Devizes on 21st Sept 2013. My co-judge was Jackie Bagnall and test manager Cheryl Payne (who kept us in line and provided all our paperwork and equipment).

The venue was ideal for teams attempting this test for the first time as it has plenty of space in a secure area, but also has a variety of distractions which was good training for those who intend to progress further in draught work.

Our Call Steward, Kay Burridge did an excellent job of putting the teams at ease - most of who were trying draught work for the first time. The weather was ideal in that we had dry conditions but not too much heat.

Of the 10 teams who took part, only one opted to use the wheeled apparatus and all 10 coped well with the concept of having an unfamiliar item 'following' them.

I was delighted to see all 10 teams achieving a pass at this level - some with ease, while others had to work harder and will need more practice at this level before attempting a more challenging level. Age was a factor, with the older dogs taking it in their stride more easily than the youngsters (who were only just old enough to try the test) - another reason why it is so important to avoid draught work until the dog reaches the age specified in the regulations (physical maturity is important, but mental maturity is equally necessary).

The most often repeated 'faults' were 'tightened lead' and forgetting to speak to the dog. As a team, it is important to communicate with your dog - either by talking nonsense in a happy voice if your dog is a little anxious, or, a calm voice to 'tone down' one who is in danger of becoming too exuberant! On the plus side, many handlers were able to deal with problems in the right manner and subsequently got the desired results - well done to them.

A loose dog, lots going on and the constant delicious smell of food were all challenges that were met and dealt with. Well done Montanna, Woddy, Brocas, Shilo, Bonny, Kodiak, Dreamer, Onslow and Arthur (and their handlers!) for passing this level and delighting us with their efforts."

Del Richards

Entrants: 5      Passes: 5
Judges: Jackie Bagnall & Dave Viney

Congratulations to:

Nicholas' "Tara"
Burridge's Bagglebears Borasco "Jenga"
Franklin's Shinglebay Innamorata "Maddy"
Woodward-Smith's Shalowseas Big Bang "Benson"
Gray's Shalowseas Firecracker "Buzz"

Judges Report - Beginners Level - Day Two

"A very good day was had by all. Five entries and all five passed. One dog was excellent and another was good - both these dogs are ready for the next level.

The other three all need more training before going on to level 1, but it will not take long before they are ready.

Many thanks to fellow judge Jackie. Many thanks to Christine & John and all their helpers for a super day."

Dave Viney

Judges Report - Beginners Level - Both Days

"Firstly I would like to thank Chris & John Bodman for allowing the SNC fun day to be held at their home. We had a great turnout for the weekend in general and the draught test in particular. The weather was ideal, dry and not too hot for the dogs but not too cold for the owners/handlers.

As this was not a formally scheduled draught test but a 'have a go' event and a pay-on-the-day test for anyone who wanted to give it a try, most of our test entries were from first timers, many of whom had never had a harness on their dogs previously. In spite of this we had 15 passes out of 15 over the two days. A great achievement by all. Most could do with more practice before moving up to the higher levels but I am sure that with a bit of practice and perseverance all could progress.

I would also like to thank my co-judges Del Richards on the Saturday and Dave Viney on the Sunday and our call stewards Kay Burridge on the Saturday and Cheryl Payne on the Sunday. Further thanks to Cheryl for her roll as test manager and to all her helpers who assisted our entrants in the 'have a go at draught' getting them to a level where they could come into the ring and show us how far they had progressed in such a short period of time. This all goes to show what a wonderful intelligent breed our newfoundlands are.

Well done everyone and I hope to see many of you again at a full draught test in the future."

Jackie Bagnall