SNC Welfare Coordinator

Helen Lyon


Newfies of all ages can require new homes for a variety of reasons, especially so in these days of the "credit crunch". If you can help with any of the things mentioned below, please contact Helen Lyon, the SNC Welfare Officer.
  • Can you help with home checks?
  • Can you help with the transportation of dogs?
  • Would you be willing to open up your home to prospective newfie owners to show them what living with a Newfoundland is really like?
  • Would you be willing to foster a Newfoundland? Experienced people to foster Newfies are desperately required. Without the foster homes they have NOWHERE to go!
  • Can you help with raising funds to support SNC welfare?

Can we help you?

If you need any help or advice, especially if you are considering re-homing your Newfoundland or offering a new home to a Newfoundland, please contact our Welfare Officer.

Photograph of Helen Lyon, the SNC Health Co-ordinator

Helen Lyon

Welfare Officer
Phone: 01460 241053
Mobile: 07867 988109

The Welfare section of the SNC liaises with the other UK Newfoundland Breed Clubs to ensure a nationwide co-ordinated approach to the welfare, rescue and re-homing of Newfoundlands in the UK.