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President: Mrs. Christine Bodman


Sunday 25 September 2016 - Worton, Devizes, Wiltshire

Kindly hosted by John & Christine Bodman
Test Manager - Mrs. Cheryl Payne

"Firstly I would like to thank Chris and John Bodman for their hospitality with regard to providing the venue for the draught tests.

To the Newfs In Action team for making long journeys to host the event - thank you very much. To our judges - thank you very much, I know all the entrants appreciated you giving up your time for them.

The venue was great, the weather was fine, and the dogs and handlers were as ever brilliant. It was lovely to see some new faces doing so well, and enjoying working with their dogs.

For those taking part in their first ever tests I hope you enjoyed it and will continue to work together. Thank you all."

Cheryl Payne

Entrants: 10      Passes: 9
Judges: Jane King & Kevin Clarke

Congratulations to:

Williams' Vicannco Foxy Lady "Megan"
Williams' Dearchary Hall Of Fame "Fame"
Williams' Dearchary Good Vibration "Merlin"
Taylor's Bagglebears Thunder Moon at Mollynewf "Kitchi"
Dixon's "Bertie"
Mariner's "Chewie"
Parker's "Remy"

Judges: David Taylor & Kevin Clarke

Congratulations to:

Viney's Evanpark Rocket Man to Millthorpe "Badger"
Viney's "Rosie"

Judges Report - Beginners Level

"Thank you for inviting us to judge at a lovely venue. We had 10 dogs to test and all but one passed.

The main down side is tight leads and the one that failed was due to the down stay. A little more practice needed to make up to Level 1 for some.

Thank you to Cheryl and her team for a lovely event."

Jane King & Kevin Clarke

Entrants: 4      Passes: 4
Judges: Dave Viney & Kevin Clarke

Congratulations to:

Carter's Bearhugs Courage "Courage"
Taylor's Bagglebears Thunder Moon at Mollynewf "Kitchi"
Burridge's Bagglebears Moonshine "Ellie"
Boyle's Syddyn Kia "Lexi"

Judges Report - Level 1

"Thanks to the SNC for inviting us to judge at this event. We had 4 entries, all good passes.

Many thanks to Cheryl's group for the organizing and catering, to all our stewards and to Chris & John for the use of their property."

Dave Viney & Kevin Clarke

Entrants: 4      Passes: 1
Judges: Kay Burridge & Dave Viney

Congratulations to:

Lee's Bearhugs Tyrion "Baloo"

Judges Report - Level 2

"We would like to thank the SNC for inviting us to judge at this new venue. We had three entries, with two nice passes. The third dog unfortunately was not focused after it's journey to the venue.

Thank you Cheryl and her team for a well run test. Special thanks to Francis for stewarding for us today and to John & Chris for opening up their home for our draught tests."

Kay Burridge & Dave Viney