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President: Mrs. Christine Bodman


Sunday 17 May 2015 - Grangewaters, South Ockendon, Essex

Kindly hosted by Grangewaters Working Newfoundlands

Test Manager - Mrs. Tina Roberts

"Once again the weather was kind to us on our first water event of the year, bright sunshine and a gentle breeze made it a pleasant day.

A big thanks to all the judges, stewards and helpers on a long but enjoyable day. To all the old faces and some new ones, the young and older dogs that took part the biggest thanks of all, with out you these water tests would not be possible. We had passes in all Sections, except E, so overall a very successful day.

Hope everyone enjoyed the day and see you all again soon."

Tina Roberts

Pictures from the SNC Water Tests - 17 May 2015

Thanks to Geoff Burns for these photographs

Entrants: 17      Passes: 13
Judges: Ken Richards & David Viney

Congratulations to:

Burridge's Bagglebears Moondance "Dora"
Constable's Larkharbour Silver Lady "Pebbles"
Walls' Blacktide In The Red "Nelson"
Walls' Blacktide Into The Blue "Blue"
Moss' Freddybears The Real McCoy "Deckard"
Ormand's Sheenmarie Santa Paws "Ernie"
Ormand's Shinglebay Bumming Around "Elvis"
Haylock's Freddybears Witchy Or What "Jenna"
Moore's "Henry"
Scrutton's Freddybears ? "Bonzo"
Arnold's & Staneberne Jacobs Ladder "Hector"
Taylor's Stillstream Sura Kanti At Mollynewf "Sura"
Haylock's "Maddie" (Barbet)

Judges Reports - Section A

"Thanks to the SNC for inviting us to judge. We had 17 dogs and some nice passes, but some dogs just fell short, but next time we are certain they will be successful

Many thanks to all the stewards, they worked very hard and did a fine job. Well done to Tina and all the Grangewaters team.

Look forward to next time."

Ken Richards & David Viney

Entrants: 10      Passes: 4      Withdrawn: 3
Judges: Ronnie Chadwick & Chris Roberts

Congratulations to:

King's Safeharbour Hey Baby "Bonnie"
Haylocks' Shalowseas Splash Dance "Shea"
Traylor & Taylor's Teddyhawkes Serendipity "Ebony"
Webber's Seamble Majestic "Lincoln"

Judges Reports - Section B

"First of all I would like to thank the SNC for the opportunity to judge and my fellow judge Ronnie Chadwick, always a pleasure to judge with. We had seven tests with four passes and three fails, but the fails were very close, so it won't be long before they pass.

Thank you Tina for running the test as you do and the stewards who help the test run smoothly."

Chris Roberts

"An enjoyable day at Grangewaters as usual, such a great venue. The water level was very high again, when Graham said that stepping off the ledge it came up to his waist I was rather worried that there would just be a line of bubbles from me and other vertically challenged folk.

Section B was judged wth Chris Roberts and we had 10 entered though only seven actually worked. There were four passes with some really smart work from all dogs on some of the exercises. We found that the weakest was the accompanied swim, very messy a lot of the time with some only just gaining a pass. Hopefully as the year progresses practice will make perfect!

Many thanks to our cheerful stewards in the water and on the land."

Ronnie Chadwick

Entrants: 8      Passes: 4
Judges: Kay Burridge & Peter Webber

Congratulations to:

Slater's "Annie"
Whiting's Darkpeak A Touch Of Frost "Rosa"
Constable's Hanningfield Shipwright "Bramble"
Decouto & Turton's "Otis"

Judges Reports - Section C

"We had eight entries for Section C with 4 excellent passes. Those that didn't quite make it, all failed on different exercises, and I am sure with a little more practice they will all get there.

Thank you to SNC WSSC for inviting us to judge at this wonderful venue, the weather was yet again kind to us and everyone seemed to enjoy the day.

Thank you Team Grangewaters for your hospitality and wonderful food, and to the stewards and helmsman for all your help and hard work."

Peter Webber & Kay Burridge

Entrants: 4      Passes: 2
Judges: Keith Sargeant & Kevin Mercer

Congratulations to:

Burridge's Bagglebears Gregale "Izzy"
Hill's Sandbears Lady Guinevere for Ableseanewf "Amelia"

Judges Reports - Section D

Awaiting report

Kevin Mercer

Awaiting report

Keith Sargeant

Entrants: 2      Passes: 0
Judges: Clive Haylock & Ronnie Chadwick

Judges Reports - Section E

"E was judged first, my co-judge was Clive Haylock. Only two entries with no passes, sadly neither entrant seemed particularly focused today. I like having the higher levels judged first as it gives those attending their first test the chance to see what they can aim for, and equally importantly to realise that just because their newfie can do something doesn't follow that it will do so on the day!

Many thanks to our cheerful stewards in the water and on the land."

Ronnie Chadwick

Awaiting report

Clive Haylock