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President: Mrs. Christine Bodman


West Hall, Kennel Club Building, Stoneleigh, Warwickshire
28 November 2015

Show Manager: Jackie Bagnall

2015 Open Show winner - Ch. Bridgestone Grip It N'Rip IT, JW

Best In Show

Mark & Jan Grove's Ch. Bridgestone Grip It N'Rip It, JW
with bitch judge Mr. Simon Luxmoore (Hushwing/Zima) and dog judge Mr. Graham Hill (Dimland)

Show Manager's Report

"What a day we had for our 2015 Open show and what an outstanding entry of 146! Unfortunately our judge, Anthony Rees had to stand down due to ill health but we were lucky enough to get two exceptional replacement judges - Graham Hill (Dogs) and Simon Luxmoore (Bitches). Our Best in Show was Jan & Mark Groves' stunning White & Black Ch. Bridgestone Grip It N'Rip It, JW. Best Opposite Sex was Lynn Edwards' Veteran dog, Merrybear Stevie Wonder and Best Puppy was Pam & Gary Leech's Nandobears Happy Heart and Soul. Well done to you all!

Its always great to see such a great entry of dogs for a breed club Open show, an entry surpassing most of this year's Championship shows so I have to give a big thank you to all the exhibitors who took the time to give us their entry.

I would also like to thank all our committee and helpers on the day. It is a huge task organising and running a show and the job could not have been done without you. There are too many to mention here but you know who you are ... a BIG thank you to you all!

2016 will see our first Championship show with two quality International judges coming over from America, Mrs. Betty McDonald (Kilyka) and Mrs. Debra Thornton (Cypress Bay) so I hope to see you all again this year."

Jackie Bagnall

Special Award Champions Class

Judged by Mr. Paul Dodd

Champion (Dog or Bitch)     (9 entries / 5 absent)

My thanks to the SNC Committee for the invitation to judge the Special Award Champions class at this year's show, I regarded it as a great privilege. My thanks also to everyone who entered and those exhibitors who gave me the opportunity to go over their Champions.

All of the dogs were beautifully presented, had excellent temperaments and were rock steady in the ring. There were no jowly lips, loose eyes or exaggerated features here and, as you would expect with dogs of this high standard, my placings demanded some hair-splitting as each had their own outstanding qualities.

Special Award Dog Winner
Special Award Champion (Dog or Bitch) Class Winner - Ch. Sandbears Better Than Ever, JW


A three year old Black male just coming into his prime and looking very impressive both stacked and moving. Muzzle is short and broad with good colour eyes set wide enough apart and showing only a tiny amount of haw in the outside corners. Skull is broad with a pronounced occiput and his expression is kind and confident, he is happy to make good eye contact. Hands on you can feel the strength in his neck, shoulders and through his withers - highly desirable in a working dog that should be capable of pulling a laden cart. Chest is broad and deep with plenty of heart and lung room and he stands straight and true in front on legs with massive bone. Loved his huge well-padded feet and the way he stands up on his pasterns. Good depth and spring of ribs, good width and strength in his quarters. Angulation is very good front and rear, correct tilt of his pelvic assembly adding to his rear angulation and creating an attractive fall-away over croup and a good tail set. Coat well prepared, flat and of the correct texture with that slight dullness which is called for in the Standard. Very well muscled and in good hard condition he moved with an easy stride looking best when moving at speed where his reach and drive become more apparent. Won this class on his superb bone and the sense of power combined with gentleness which he conveys.



Not quite two years old, I judged this White & Black bitch as a puppy awarding her that class. She has developed into a lovely young bitch with the sweetest of expressions. Head is strong but very feminine with dark tight eyes and ears set well back. Good neck, well developed fore-chest and stands square in front with close fitting elbows. Excellent depth of chest and very well ribbed with good width all the way through her body. Slightly stronger in backline than the winner and with the same shapely fall-away to croup. Very clean markings, her white coat was pristine. Good angulation front and rear, this young lady is so evidently happy on the move with a measured stride and that characteristic newfie roll which is accentuated by her Landseer markings. A top quality bitch.



Almost seven years of age this Black bitch gives nothing whatsoever away to the younger dogs. There is a sense of elegance about her, particularly in profile, she presents a pleasing outline with plenty of leg under her. Fractionally longer in muzzle than the first two she has a good mouth and excels in eyes which are small as they should be, dark in colour, tight and an attractive shape. A good size for a bitch she has reach of neck still maintaining strength, very good bone, good size tidy feet, good width and depth of chest and ribs. Very strong level topline which she held on the move. I was most impressed by her muscle mass and excellent muscle tone, particularly noticeable in her rear quarters - hardly surprising then that she moved very well.