Behaviour Helpline

A free service for SNC members

On 01st April, 2012 the Southern Newfoundland Club launched a ground-breaking free service for our members. Penny Downing, an SNC committee member, is a dog behaviourist and trainer who will provide confidential, professional advice by telephone.

Penny holds a BSc in Canine Behaviour and Training from Hull University, is a full member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (No. 01453) and a Certified Canis Clicker Trainer. She is an ABTC Accredited Animal Training Instructor, a member of the Pet Professional Guild British Isles and a member of the International Association of Animal Therapists.

The cost of her consultation will be paid for by the Southern Newfoundland Club.

Behaviour problems with your Newfoundland?

  • Have you almost given up on solving those behaviours that make living or walking with your dog difficult
  • Does he/she not come back when called, feel out of control, guard food or toys, mount other dogs, jump up, chew furniture, or have any other issue for which you would like some help?

When you message;

This service is ONLY AVAILABLE FREE TO SNC MEMBERS so please include the following information;

  • Your name and the name of the dog
  • Your address and telephone number
  • Your email address
  • Your SNC Membership number


All information provided and advice given is confidential between the member and Penny. A member of the SNC team will call up to a month later, not for specific details of the behaviour issue but as part of our evaluation process of the scheme. We hope this service will be of real value to our members and we welcome your feedback.

Behaviour Helpline

Penny Downing
Penny Downing, BSc (Hons) CBT

Mobile: 07732 395226