Draught Tests
- All Levels (Beginners to Level 4)

12 September 2023
aMaizin! Adventure Park, La Hougue Farm, La Gd Rte de Saint-Pierre, Jersey, JE3 7AX
Hosted by Jersey Big Dog Club

We tested a total of 11 teams at Beginners, L1, L2 & L3 at the Amazing Maze on Tuesday and at Les Landes Racecourse on Wednesday. All control and manoeuvring sections were held at the venues as was the L1 haul. The L2 haul on Tuesday went across the road to Val De La Mare Reservoir and enjoyed the scenic route the judges had chosen.

Level 3 haul on Wednesday was held on Les Landes common where there were a variety of obstacles, surfaces and gradients.

We had good weather for both tests, we had some very good passes at all levels, however, several teams needing a little more work that Ive no doubt will be passing soon.

A big Thank You to all those who came over to support our event, judged, stewards and helpers who make these tests possible. A special thank you to the JBDC and Friends of JBDC for keeping the judges fed and watered.

Steve Pallot, Test Manager

Results and Reports - Tuesday 12 September 2023

Level Beginners

Judges: Kay Burridge & Caroline Germain
Entrants: 3 | Passes: 3
Owner Call Name Registered Name
Thompson'sTrulySaskinbears True Blue for Safeharbour
Thompson'sTideComfortcove You Can Fly to Safeharbour
Pallot'sNinjaStaneberne Wave Rider

We had three teams present for Beginners, two were having their first go at draught test and the third dog a veteran who showed them how it should be done! Three very nice passes. Many thanks to the SNC for the kind invitation to judge and to JBDC for their hospitality.

y Burridge & Caroline Germain

Level 1

Judges: Sara Davies & Jeff Burridge
Entrants: 2 | Passes: 1
Owner Call Name Registered Name
King's Brian Saskinbears Back In Black

Thank you for inviting us to judge today. Somewhat cooler weather, but still muggy. We had 2 dogs, with the relatively young one passing. An interesting venue thank you for allowing us here Amazing Maze.

Sara Davies & Jeff Burridge

Level 2

Judges: Jane King & David Taylor
Entrants: 2 | Passes: 2
Owner Call Name Registered Name
Burridge'sMartaNurburgnewf Lady Shazam at Bagglebears
Davies'KubekaBarracechi Urs De Munte

Our thanks to the SNC for inviting us to judge at this excellent venue, which offers lots of variations for hauls at all levels.

Two experienced dogs entered today, both passing with ease.

Jane King & David Taylor

Level 3

Judges: Jane King & David Taylor
Entrants: 1 | Passes: 0

We only had one entry for this level today and unfortunately the team didn't get through the control section. There was a good change of pace but it wasn't maintained as is expected at this level.

Thank JBDC club for asking us to judge at this lovely venue and your hospitality.

Jane King & David Taylor

Level 4

No results