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President: Mrs. Christine Bodman


Sunday 17 July 2016 - Ashleworth, Gloucester

Kindly hosted by Margaret & Brian Cox
Test Manager - Cheryl Payne

"Firstly a very big thank you to Margaret Collins & Bryan for allowing us to use their wonderful venue. This event always encourages new people to come and meet others with Newfies and it is always a pleasure to see people have their first attempt at draught work.

This year the weather was incredibly hot, coupled with a fabulous companion show, it did cut down the time available for draught tests. However, this is a fun event and so to get four new passes was wonderful. The dogs were clearly finding the heat and the bar-b-que a distraction making the passes more commendable.

Thank you to our great call stewards, Francis Carter and Helen Gray and to our judges Del Richards and Di Vincent - but mostly thank YOU to those who took part."

Cheryl Payne

Entrants: 4      Passes: 4
Judges: Del Richards & Di Vincent

Congratulations to:

Dixon's Newfinch Hera for Arktikos "Rosie"
Dixon's "Bertie"
Deary's Dearchary I Want It All "Pudding"
Dixon's Inkomo Midnight Of Madness "Barney"

Judges Reports

"I really enjoyed my afternoon judging the beginners draught test at the SNC fun day held in Gloucestershire. It was an extremely hot day and some very capable dogs were really being affected by the heat.

It was, as usual, great to see new members starting to enjoy working activities with their dogs. Some of our most enthusiastic members suddenly went quiet in the ring - nerves most probably, but for future levels, do talk to your newfies and encourage them - you're a team and you will both enjoy it so much more if you interact together!

The smell of the gorgeous Bar-b-que served as another distraction, especially during the recall, with all the newfies showing that their nose knew exactly what the smell was and where it was coming from!

All of the handlers were very kind and it's fair to say all of the newfs knew better than their handlers and were inclined to follow their own instincts (even if it contradicted the directions at times) - well done to our four passes - very well deserved.

I really look forward to seeing you all again in the future."

Del Richards

"Both Del and I had a lovely afternoon judging the beginners draught test and we wish to say a big thank you to everyone for having a go. I was very happy with the dogs and handlers and their teamwork, as it was such a hot afternoon and had been a long day for some of them.

Congratulations to all four of our Teams who passed and I hope to see you all again progressing to the next level at another draught test event."

Di Vincent