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President: Mrs. Christine Bodman


Sunday 19 May 2013 - Grangewaters, South Ockendon, Essex

Kindly hosted by Grangewaters Working Newfoundlands

Test Manager - Mrs. Tina Roberts

Sue Whittaker and Zoe after passing Section B
Congratulations to Sue Whittaker and Zoe who had an excellent first-time Section A pass and then went on to pass Section B too!

"A big thanks to all the judges and stewards for ensuring the test day went well, apart for a few little hic-ups. Once again the weather held out for us; only the high water levels caused a few problems.

We had all but a few passes in both A & B with some being their first time in open water, which was great. Only one pass in the higher level of C and none in D or E, which was a shame, but it is still early in the season!

Lovely to see so many old friends, and hopefully some new ones, that made the day a success. See you all very soon."

Tina Roberts

Pictures from the SNC Water Tests - 19 May 2013
Thanks to Geoff Burns for these photographs, more pictures to be published very soon!
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Entrants: 14      Passes: 13
Judges:Carol Watts & Kay Burridge

Congratulations to:

Richards & Hawkes' Kenmilfore Dutruch "Patsy"
Richards & Hawkes' Carstev's Just The One "Chesney"
King's Safeharbour White But Cute "Effie"
King's Safeharbour Hey Baby "Bonnie"
Greenwood's "Haribo"
Pearce's Blacktide Dancing Bearfoot "Cooper"
Chadwick's Uskrail Grecian May "Ellee"
Webber's Seamble Majestic "Lincoln"
Webber's Teddyhawks Mr Daydream "Rushmore"
Jode's "Yona"
Viney's Evanpark Rocket Man at Millthorpe "Badger"
Whittaker's Freddybears Rugby Girl "Zoe"
Mercer's Darkpeak Rumour Has It "Tanner"

Judges Reports - Section A

"We would like to thank the SNC for inviting us to judge at these tests.

There were 14 entries with 1 dog withdrawn - this dog had swum in a river, but it was the first time it had been in a lake and found the whole experience somewhat overwhelming. We had some very good passes, and some who passed but need more work before progressing to the next level. One or two entries had only just been introduced to water work, but with some work and dedication by the owners these dogs will improve greatly.

Thank you Grangewaters for a wonderful welcome and well run tests and for arranging the weather, which was fine and warm for a change - very welcome after our normal Welsh weather!"

Carol Watts & Kay Burridge

Entrants: 10      Passes: 7
Judges: Gill Hornsby & Keith Sargeant

Congratulations to:

Taylor's Mollynewf Lani Winona "Lani"
Taylor's Mollynewf Huritt Ashkii "Ash"
Pallot's Vodahond Black Man Ray "Rockey"
King's Safeharbour The Never Never "Sasha"
Green's Piratebears Treasure Chest "Maddie"
Whittaker's Freddybears Rugby Girl "Zoe"
Mercer's Darkpeak Rumour Has It "Tanner"

Judges Reports - Section B

"Many thanks for again inviting us to judge Section B here, it is always a pleasure. The weather was slightly overcast, which kept the heat down, always helpful on a day-long event.

We had 10 dogs entered and overall had 7 passes, with the 3 fails all on small things that with practice should be able to be overcome.

Three particular dogs stood out and one dog did an incredible underwater retrieve - refusing to lift his head out of the water until he had the toy! Another dog was swimming for the first time ever with a stranger and after a false start performed the swim beautifully. The third dog was a dog who had never practiced underwater retrieve or accompanied swim, but was a natural."

Gill Hornsby & Keith Sargeant

Entrants: 8      Passes: 1
Judges: Ronnie Chadwick & Clive Haylock

Congratulations to:

Constable's Hanningfield Shipwright "Bramble"

Judges Reports - Section C

"A pleasure to judge eight keen dogs. Only one passed all four elements. It was great to see all the dogs enjoyed their entry and a delight to see the speed that some entered the water from the boat, and others respond well to commands.

A good standard test and a very enjoyable day. Thank you for the refreshments and the opportunity to judge."

Clive Haylock

"We had 8 dogs entered and were finally rewarded with one good pass. The other teams mainly failed on one element, which was a shame, the stranger rescue being the downfall on most occasions."

Ronnie Chadwick

Entrants: 5      Passes: 0
Judges: Kevin Mercer & Pete Webber

Judges Reports - Section D

"Unfortunately no passes today. None of the five entrants completed the first exercise - take rope to boat. Dogs seemed to lack focus, however some exercices were completed perfectly. There was an excellent example of verbal redirection to the correct retrieve item. None of the entrants successfully completed exercise 2 - jump from the boat and rescue a stranger - only one dog exiting the boat within the 45 seconds time limit.

Entrants need to be mindful of physical redirection and remember to request re-starts. Many of the dogs need more training but confident some will pass in the future.

Thanks you to the entrants, well done to all. They all had fun and enjoyed their swim. Thank you Grangewaters for another excellent event."

Kevin Mercer

Awaiting report

Peter Webber

Entrants: 1      Passes: 0
Judges: Keith Sargeant & Ronnie Chadwick

Judges Reports - Section E

"Only one entrant here and she was definitely not in work mode. Did have a go at all the elements, but in her own style.

Thanks to all who made it such an enjoyable day, always a pleasure to judge here."

Keith Sargeant & Ronnie Chadwick