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President: Mrs. Christine Bodman


Saturday 01 November 2014 - Bryn Bach Park, Tredegar, Gwent

Hosted by Welsh Newfoundland Activity Group

Test Manager: Beverley Clarke

"The day began dry and relatively warm for the time of year and being on top of Merthyr Mountain! A disappointing turn out with only 14 dogs entered throughout the event.

We were again supported by judges for all levels and it was such a shame that there was only one entrant for each of the higher levels - but it was a busy and successful event nonetheless. Great fun was had by all.

My sincere thanks to all members of WNAG who turned out to support putting on this event for our 20th anniversary.

Thank you all judges and entrants."

Bev Clarke

Judges: David Taylor & Kevin Clarke
Entrants: 3      Passes: 2

Congratulations to:

Brace -
Viney's Evanpark Rocket Man for Millthorpe "Badger" &
Viney's Millthorpe Sea Breeze "Milly"

Judges Reports - Beginners Level

"One dog and one brace entered on a relatively good day for Wales (I am told). The brace team worked well together, but I have seen them work better. The dog was handled by a new handler (for the dog) and it showed. More practice together and I am sure they will pass.

My thanks to the SNC for inviting me to judge and to WNAG for their excellent hospitality."

David Taylor

Report to follow

Kevin Clarke

Judges: Gill Hornsby & David Viney
Entrants: 7      Passes: 7

Congratulations to:

Roff's Mayosea You're a Grand Man "Harper"
Roff's Caira Mayosea Sweet Princess "Caira"
Watt's Sheridel Sakami "Theo"
Dixon's Newfinch Hera from Artikos "Rosie"
King's Safeharbour Hey Baby "Bonnie"
King's Safeharbour White But Cute "Effie"
Brace - Taylor's Mollynewf Lani Winona "Lani" & Mollynewf Huritt Ashkii "Ashkii"

Judges Reports - Level 1

"We had six individual entries and a brace. For a change the weather was being kind to us. We did have a number of interruptions for L4 and L3 to take place which meant the test took longer than normal. However it was a delight to pass all entries.

Common themes were overusing the lead rather than using the voice and hand signals to communicate to the dogs. There were some delightful moments - lots of wriggling on backs during the down stays and a number of recalls showed how much the dogs and owners love each other.

Thank you so much for inviting us to judge, it is always a pleasure to visit Bryn Bach."

Gill Hornsby & David Viney

Judges: Gill Hornsby & Kevin Clarke
Entrants: 6       Withdrawn: 2       Passes: 2

Congratulations to:

Roff's Caira Mayosea Sweet Princess "Caira"
Viney's Millthorpe Sea Breeze "Millie"

Judges Reports - Level 2

"It was a little better in the afternoon when Level 2 commenced and out of an initial six entries, two withdrew leaving four to take part. For some it was the first time at Level 2 however in the usual Newfoundland spirit everyone put their all in.

Two did not successfully complete the control section, mainly through over use of the lead rather than giving verbal and hand signals. The two remaining to complete the remaining sections sailed through. The haul was completed in the semi-dark; however all were fantastic, completing a haul much more advanced to their level.

One extra point to note, one dog came along on the haul and performed fabulously - even though he didn't make it through the control section.

Many thanks for the invitation, always a pleasure."

Gill Hornsby

Report to follow

Kevin Clarke

Judges: Pete Lewin & Jude Moulsdale
Entrants: 2      Absent: 1      Passes: 0

Judges Reports - Level 4

"Jude Moulsdale was my co-judge and a pleasure to judge with her - it's been a long time.

We had one dog who owns it's handler! Unfortunately the handler tried his hardest to do all he was told, but the dog got up and walked off in dismay at the handler's behavior. Some of his about turns were a little to be desired, but lost just too many points to pass. Sorry, but your dog is great!

Thanks to all the group for the hospitality, but where did the sun go?"

Pete Lewin

Report to follow

Jude Moulsdale

Judges: Pete Lewin & Jen Lewin
Entrants: 1      Passes: 0

Judges Reports - Level 4

"We had only one team today. It was the dog's first attempt at this level, he had had a long journey down to Bryn Bach so this made a difference (maybe)

He tended to wander on turns and did not complete the back up, but we are sure he will go on to pass in the future."

Pete & Jen Lewin