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President: Mrs. Christine Bodman


Beginners to Level 3

Saturday 21 November 2015 - Grangewaters, South Ockendon, Essex

Kindly hosted by Grangewaters Working Newfoundlands

Test Manager - Mr. David Taylor

"The day began with wintery showers and gale force winds with a temperature of 2 degrees! So we were draught work testing in Wales, oops sorry Essex!!

27 entries, four at Level 3, three at Level 2 and the rest at Beginners - Level 1.

The weather improved slightly with the wintery showers clearing by lunchtime.

Grangewaters would like to thank the SNC for allowing us to hold these tests. Special thanks to all the judges and stewards for working and assisting in some very poor conditions."

David Taylor

Saturday 21 November 2015
Entrants: 10      Passes: 8
Judges: Amanda Arnold & Clive Haylock

Congratulations to:

Sargeant's Sandbears Amethst at Newfndor "Kizzy"
Hill's Alphabear Ocean Blue for Ableseanewf "Maia"
Wall's Hanningfield Black Diamond "Hardy"
Wall's Blacktide In The Red "Nelson"
Wall's Blacktide Into The Blue "Blue"
Talbot's Teddyhawkes Serendipity "Ebony"
Dareddy's "Lilly"
Hosie's Newfoundlove My Guy at Shadowrise "Mouse"

Judges Report - Beginners Level

"Thank you to the SNC for asking me to judge. Thank you also to Grangewaters Working Newfoundlands for hosting the tests.

The weather was against us from the start, with snow, strong winds and freezing temperatures. Despite this we had some really lovely passes with dogs working very hard to concentrate. The two fails we had were just down to the dogs being very distracted by the weather and wanting to play instead of work.

Thank you to my co-judge Clive for all the help and guidance."

Amanda Arnold

Report to follow

Kay Burridge

Entrants: 7      Passes: 7
Judges: Steve Pallot & Kay Burridge

Congratulations to:

Haylock's "Maddie" (Barbet)
King's Safeharbour White But Cute "Effie"
King's Safeharbour Hey Baby "Bonnie"
Webber's Seamble Majestic "Lincoln"
Hosie's Newfoundlove My Guy at Shadowrise "Mouse"
Cadman's Sassena Lovable Bryn "Bryn"
Viney's Evanpark Rocketman to Millthorpe "Badger"

Judges Report - Level 1

"We had seven teams entered into this Level, all the dogs passed in windy and cold conditions. The Maneuvering section was well performed by all teams. The Haul section was over several different surfaces with dogs and handlers coping well in the dwindling light.

We would like to thank the SNC for asking us to judge, thanks also to the Grangewaters Group for hosting the test for the first time, the test ran very smoothly with a great atmosphere."

Steve Pallot & Kay Burridge

Entrants: 3      Passes: 2
Judges: David Viney & Wendy Hawkes

Congratulations to:

Webber's Teddyhawks Mr Daydream "Rushmore"
Hosie's Newfoundlove New Edition at Shadowrise "Solo"

Judges Report - Level 2

"Many thanks to SNC for asking me to judge at this event. The weather was very cold and wet at first but brightened up during the day, but the wind made it very cold.

We had three entries, one dog did not make the 'down stay' but with a little more work, this can be achieved. The other two teams had very good passes and worked well as a team.

Thanks to my fellow judge, Wendy, who made it such an enjoyable day. Thanks to Grangewaters Working Newfoundlands, all the stewards and entrants who made the day very enjoyable."

David Viney

Report to follow

Wendy Hawkes

Entrants: 4      Passes: 1
Judges: Kevin Clarke & Peter Webber

Congratulations to:

King's Safeharbour Dirty Dancing "Summer"

Judges Report - Level 3

"The test started at the end of a storm, with the dogs being distracted by the leaves blowing in the wind. Unfortunately two dogs found the conditions too much and pulled out after the control section. Another found being separated from the owner too much during the down stay, leaving only one left for the haul.

The sun came out and the tails started wagging, making an excellent walk around the grounds of Grangewaters. So out of four, we sadly had three that didn't pass today and one well deserved pass.

Thank you to the SNC and Grangewaters for making their first draught tests so enjoyable."

Kevin Clarke & Peter Webber