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President: Mrs. Christine Bodman


Saturday 29 & Sunday 30 October 2011 - East Hamsworthy Farm, Pancrasweek, Holsworthy, Devon

Test Managers: David Viney & Kay Burridge

"This is a series of firsts – first test for the SNC under the new draught regs., first time at this venue and the first time Dave and I have co-managed a draught test.

We would like to thank Roger & Di Vincent for allowing the SNC to hold this test on their wonderful farm and also for trusting us to run the event – hopefully we have met their expectations and not caused damage to their home and land.

We had 27 entries for this draught test, unfortunately not all could make it to the event, however we still managed a respectable 23 entries spread over the two days. Unfortunately not all passed, but hopefully all enjoyed the event, despite the mud.

On Sunday both the Level 4 entrants passed; the dogs and handlers appeared to enjoy the new off-lead obedience element once the initial nerves had settled. Saturday’s Beginners saw 3 novice dogs, & handlers, obtain their first pass, two with a junior handler one of which went on to achieve a pass in Level 1 on Sunday.

Both Dave and I would like to thank all our judges & stewards, without you, this event couldn't have gone on. Thanks also to SEWN for use of equipment and a special thank you to Bev Clarke who stepped in and took over the role of caterer – she obviously knows my catering/cooking skills are appalling and didn't want rampant food poisoning breaking out at the event.

Finally we want to thank all who made the long journey to Devon, we hope you enjoyed the draught test and look forward to seeing you all again at this venue next year."

Dave Viney & Kay Burridge

Judges: Wendy Hawkes & Kevin Clarke
Entrants: 4      Passes: 3

Congratulations to:

Burridge's Halmosa Waltzing Matilda "Tilly"
Burridge’s Bridgestone Callaway at Bagglebears "Tia"
Vincent's Alphabear That's Me at Cumngo "Dreamer"

Judges Reports - Beginners Level

"Our first beginners test at a new venue. All went well once we got into the swing of it. A fairly well thought out test. Four dogs entered, three first timers, all passed, one experienced dog with a new handler failed. A lovely venue. Thanks to Roger & Di Vincent for the use of their land. Thanks also to Dave & Kay for organising and to Bev for cooking.

Great day and look forward to returning to this venue for future tests."

Kevin Clarke & Wendy Hawkes

Judges: Jen Lewin & Wendy Hawkes
Entrants: 5      Absent: 2     Passes: 2

Congratulations to:

Constable's Hanningfield Water Willow "Willow"
Clarke's "Boycie"

Judges Reports - Level 1

"This is the first test on this new venue and also the first time I have used the new regulations. I would like to thank Roger & Di for letting the Southern Newfoundland Club use their land.

We had three entrants for this level. Two did well to pass and showed that they were more than capable to go on to higher levels, the third entrant was working a dog that was not their own and made a very valiant effort but was not successful on this occasion. But we do hope that they will continue.

Thank you to my co-judge Wendy and to the hospitality that the test managers and their team showed me."

Jen Lewin

"Thanks to Jen, her experience is a great help to a novice judge."

Wendy Hawkes

Judges: Clive Haylock & Pete Lewin
Entrants: 3      Passes: 2

Congratulations to:

Hawkes's Kenmilfore Dutruch "Patsy"
Richard's Carstevs Just The One "Chesney"

Judges Reports - Level 3

"What a fantastic venue! Everything and more for all levels.

We had three teams today, all working to an excellently good standard, most improved in our eyes was Ken & Chesney, his ground work and thinking about some very tricky manoeuvres was excellent. The water logged terrain made the going tough. Although we were out for two hours we used very little of the venue, so plenty to be got at in the future. Thank you to Dave & Kay for test managing and all the refreshments by Bev, much enjoyed.

A very big thank you to Roger & Di for allowing us to use their land. Good Day. Thanks."

Pete Lewin & Clive Haylock

Judges: Ken Richards & Kevin Clarke
Entrants: 3      Passes: 2

Congratulations to:

Haylock's Millthorpe Sea Breeze "Millie"
Burridge's Halmosa Waltzing Matilda "Tilly"

Judges Reports - Level 1

"Thanks to the SNC for asking us to judge this event. It was very nice of Di & Roger to let us use their garden and grounds for the test. We hope this will become an annual event.

We had the pleasure of three Teams to judge at this Level, of which two passed. One Team comprised of dog and Junior Handler, they did well especially as this was the first ever draught test they had attended.

Thanks to our call steward, the test managers & especially to Bev for the food and coffee. Thank you to whoever organised the weather, we were very lucky ... It stopped raining!!!!"

Ken Richards & Kevin Clarke

Judges: Pete Lewin & Llynda Baugh
Entrants: 6      Absent: 2
Withdrawn: 1     Passes: 2

Congratulations to:

Clarke's "Odin"
Constable's Hanningfield Shipwright "Bramble"

Judges Reports - Level 2

"This is such a great venue. Thank you to Roger & Di for allowing its use.

Despite the mud and slippery conditions the entrants did a great job in guiding their dogs through the interesting course, incorporating streams, ditches and lots of trees. Our main comment is that owners need to allow their dogs to use their draught instincts more. One dog withdrew and the remaining two passed, just before it got dark.

Thanks to test manager and everyone who contributed in making it a really good event."

Pete Lewin & Llynda Baugh

Judges: Llynda Baugh & Jen Lewin
Entrants: 2      Passes: 2

Congratulations to:

Haylock's Shallowseas Splash Dance "Shea"
Richard's Carstevs Just The One "Chesney"

Judges Reports - Level 4

"A great venue for this level – had everything. First time this level has been done off lead. Both entrants worked well and only lost minimum points. The terrain gave lots of challenges including ditches, water and lots of mud! The dogs enjoyed every minute of it and proved they know the best when it comes to finding a safe path.

Thank you to Roger and Di Vincent for the use of this fab venue, to Dave Viney for ensuring we didn’t get lost to the stewards and the test manager for looking after us so well."

Llynda Baugh & Jen Lewin