Water Tests - All Levels (Sections A to E)

12th & 13th August 2023
Bryn Bach Parc, Tredegar, Gwent
Hosted by Welsh Newfoundland Activity Group

Unfortunately, the Welsh weather was not kind to us on Saturday, with it being breezy, cold and wet for the majority of the day. Thankfully things improved for the Sunday.

45 entries in all across the two days, with a good number in A, B & C. A 100%.

A huge thank you to everyone who mucked in and helped out, especially the judges and stewards who braved the elements and kept things moving along.

Sara Davies, Test Manager

Results and Reports - Saturday 12th August 2023

Section A

Judges: Lesley Smith & Sara Davies
Entrants: 5 | Passes: 5
Owner Call Name Registered Name
Reynolds & Ow's Ileana Barracechi Sugar Plumb Fairy
Richards' Chip Stelamah Chocolate Chip
Godden's Bruno Zentaur Bout That Jam
King's Darci Saskinbears Brown Eyed Girl
Burridge's Tarka

Judges: Caroline Germain & Sara Davies
Entrants: 6 | Passes: 6
Owner Call Name Registered Name
Sanders' Florence Coltrana Water Bambino
Smith's Jazz Comfortcove Faith And Trust
Smith's Jive Comfortcove Pixie Dust
Smith's Tiano Newetta’s Precious in Brown for Comfortcove
Thompson's Tide Comfortcove You Can Fly to Safeharbour
Thompson's Truli Saskinbears True Blue for Safeharbour

We had 11 dogs in total to judge today and pleased to say they all passed despite the less than ideal weather conditions. Lovely to see some very promising young dogs do so well

Thank you to SNC for inviting us and to WNAG for hosting. A big thankyou also to the stewards who braved the cold.

Lesley Smith & Sara Davies

Section C

Judges: Jane King & Kevin Clarke
Entrants: 11 | Passes: 4
Owner Call Name Registered Name
Hewson & Rhodes' Mike Dawbryn Zefa’s Pride
Saunders' Apollo Inkomo Nemesis
Richards' Valerie Saskinbears Red Red Wine
Thornton's Finnley Leonardo Hall

Judges: Karen Thompson & Kevin Clarke
Entrants: 2 | Passes: 0

We judged 11 dogs in very wet and windy conditions.

Two main stumbling blocks were exiting the boat in time and the 'safe' swim, hence only four dogs passed.

Thank you to everyone who entered and to WNAG for asking us to judge.

Jane King & Kevin Clarke

Section E

Judges: Karen Thompson & Kay Burridge
Entrants: 2 | Passes: 0

We had two entries today, both very close to passing, with both dogs failing on exercises they have passed previously, so we know they can do it! Hopefully next season they will put it 'all together' on the day.

Thanks to SNC and WNAG for holding these tests, to our stewards for all their hard work in not so good weather conditions. We enjoyed our time judging despite the weather.

Karen Thompson & Kay Burridge

Results and Reports - Sunday 13th August 2023

Section B

Judges: Rachel Saunders & Susan Marsh
Entrants: 16 | Passes: 7
Owner Call Name Registered Name
Hewson & Rhodes' Mike Dawbryn Zefa’s Pride
Davies' Kubeba Barracechi Urs De Munte
Burridge's Marta Nurburgnewf Lady Shazam at Bagglebears
King's Eboni Mccaffabear King Of Hearts for Saskinbears
Thornton's Oliver Saskinbears Band Of Gold
Thornton's Finnley Leonardo Hall
Thompson's Tide Comfortcove You Can Fly to Safeharbour

Thank you to SNC for inviting us to judge and running the test, out of 16 entries we had eight passes, the rest we are sure will pass at the next attempt as they weren't far off.

Some drift occurred during the test, but this was taken into account; dogs and handlers coped well with it. Some dogs were initially confused by the torpedo article, but most worked it out, we suggest more different articles in training.

Thanks to our co-judge and test manager

Susan Marsh & Rachel Saunders

Section D

Judges: Susan Marsh & Karen Thompson
Entrants: 5 | Passes: 0

Thanks to SNC for holding the test & invitation to judge. The sun came out for us today for a change.

Out of the five dogs, no-one made the grade today, some really good attempts and all are capable of passing on another day.

Thanks to test manager and stewards and to co-judge.