Water Tests - All Levels (Sections A to E)

27th & 28th May 2023
Grangewaters Activity Centre, South Ockendon, Essex
Hosted by Grangewaters Working Newfoundlands
Alan Godden

Wow – what a weekend ...

The decision to arrange the SNC Spring Water Test for the last Bank Holiday weekend in May seemed a great idea at the time ... until it became apparent that two other Test events were also then arranged for that weekend, and the EFL decided to host the Championship Football Play-Off Final at Wembley that weekend too and then team Grangewater lost valuable members to a quite unique set of circumstances.

So it was that Grangewater were only able to field three members on the Saturday, and five on the Sunday. A very heavy reliance was placed upon our visitors to assist in stewarding duties, and for that we are very grateful, particularly to our friends from WNAG and at SEWN.

For my part, having set the test up on the Friday afternoon, I had to leave after my Test Manager's briefing on the Saturday morning in order to support my son in his bid with Coventry to gain promotion to the Premier League. Alas it wasn’t to be ... and the dip on the Sunday morning to clear the haze was certainly needed

We are still experiencing the effects of Covid lockdowns, with a greater number of younger dogs at these Tests than older dogs, and consequently entries at the mid and lower levels remain strong, with modest entry levels at the higher levels.

We had a total of 34 entries – lower than normal – but understandable in the circumstances. This was also the first Water Test that we have hosted using the updated Water Regulations, and all went well.

We had two E's - neither of which passed, two D's – of which Wabana handled by Christine Stovey passed, seven C's – of which only Erik the Leonberger – handled by Caroline Germaine passed, 14 B entries – with five passes - the most notable being Sarah “three hats” Davies with a memorable first B pass (Kubeba must prefer the warm South East waters) and Daisy with a first B pass – handled by our very own Frankie who at 10 years of age is one of our junior handlers. Congratulations also to Erik again – Caroline had a great weekend with two passes, mention also to Finnley – handled by Rebecca and Dave Thornton, and Big Valerie handled by Ken Richards, at Section A we had nine entries all of who passed.

Across the weekend the weather was very kind, a north east breeze to keep it entertaining for our helms, and to give our boat stewards some exercise.

To our judges, the stewards, our entrants, and those guests who came along to observe, thank-you for your support over the weekend.

Alan Godden, Test Manager
Cath Stovin with Wabana
Cath Stovin with "Wabana" who achieved the highest pass of the weekend, a Section D

Results and Reports - Saturday 27th May 2023

Section A

Judges: Dave Thornton & Sara Davies
Entrants: 8 | Passes: 8
Owner Call Name Registered Name
Bull's Martha King Of Helluland Blue Organza
Richards' Valerie Saskinbears Red Red Wine
Richards' Chip Stelamah Chocolate Chip
Humpage's Sasha Nelaland Ladoga at Foreverbears
Manser's Hercules Barachois Bad Ass And Blind
Humpage's Teddy Teddy XI at Foreverbears (Imp USA)
Haylock's Georgia (Goldadoodle)
Haylock's Maddie (Barbet)

Judges: Caroline Germain & Sara Davies
Entrants: 1 | Passes: 1
Owner Call Name Registered Name
Thornton's Oliver Saskinbears Band of Gold

Nine dogs and nine lovely passes. A lovely afternoon with all dogs working well.

Thankyou to Grangewaters for hosting and to SNC for asking us to judge.

Sara Davies, Dave Thornton & Caroline Germain

Section C

Judges: Ken Richards & Clive Haylock
Entrants: 6 | Passes: 1
Owner Call Name Registered Name
Germain's Erik Didleo St Germain Saule (Leonberger)

Judges:Kay Burridge & Clive Haylock
Entrants: 1 | Passes: 0

Thanks for asking us to judge Section C. It was Ken's first time at this level.

We had seven entries, but unfortunately only one pass, the other six were not quite there, but with a little more training we are sure they will pass soon.

The weather was sunny, but not too warm. We were well looked after by Grangewaters Newfoundlands. A great day all round, thank you.

Ken Richards, Kay Burridge & Clive Haylock

Section E

Judges: Kay Burridge & Ronnie Chadwick
Entrants: 2 | Passes: 0

Thanks to SNC and Grangewaters for hosting the tests this weekend.

We had two entries in E today, despite the sunshine neither dog was particularly interested in completing all of the elements. Hopefully both dogs will regain their 'working heads' as the season progresses.

Kay Burridge & Ronnie Chadwick

Results and Reports - Sunday 28th May 2023

Section B

Judges: Chris Roberts & Kay Burridge
Entrants: 14 | Passes: 5
Owner Call Name Registered Name
Thornton's Finnley Leonardo Hall
Wright's Daisey Sparkybears Millionaires Dream
Davies' Kubeba Barracechi Urs De Munte (A.I.)
Richards' Valerie Saskinbears Red Red Wine
Germain's Erik Didleo St Germain Saule (Leonberger)

I would like to thank the SNC for the opportunity to judge Section B and thanks to my judging partner Kay Burridge for a good day judging. Thanks to Grangewaters for their hospitality.

Stewards and Helm worked to a good standard and made it a very enjoyable test overall.

We had five passes today and nne failures, generally it would seem more work is needed on the underwater retrieve and controlled swim.

Chris Roberts & Kay Burridge

Section D

Judges: Paul Dodd & Kay Burridge
Entrants: 2 | Passes: 1
Owner Call Name Registered Name
Davey & Stovin's Wabana

Sunshine with just a light breeze made for a lovely environment for this D Test.

Of the two teams entered, one came close on D1 but D2 tripped her up with the boat exit time limit exceeded, while D3 & D4 were fine. The second, an experienced veteran, performed beautiful for her handler and showed us how it's done with a flawless pass. Nice to see both handlers using clear hand signals when calling dogs back to shore.

Thank you always to the Grangewaters team for great organisation and excellent stewards.