Draught Tests - Beginners and Levels 1, 2 & 3

27 January 2019
Parc Bryn Bach, Tredegar, Gwent

Sunday started cold, with the weather worsening over the day, with high winds and heavy snow showers. Considering the conditions under foot we had some excellent passes. I am told that with a little more work all dogs are quite capable of passing the levels entered in the future.

The day closed with a presentation of certificates and vote of thanks to the judges, stewards and team WNAG for all their hard work to ensure this test was a success.

Alexander Boyle, Test Manager

Results and Reports - 27 January 2019

Beginners Level

Judges: Ruth Dickinson & Jeff Burridge
Entrants: 1 | Passes: 0

Thank you SNC for inviting us to judge at this event. We had only one entry, who despite previously passing this Level, unfortunately was not concentrating, despite the handler's best efforts and failed to pass.
Thank you to WNAG, who arranged better weather for today and for their hospitality.

Ruth Dickinson & Jeff Burridge

Level 1

Judges: Paul Dickinson & Kay Burridge
Entrants: 4 | Passes: 4
OwnerCall NameRegistered Name
Hulme Zak Stefsbears Zachariah
Hulme Natasha Bagglebears Moonlight
Viney Rosie
Davies Martha

Well what can we say? Bryn Bach threw everything at us today, Level 1 was done in a snow storm, finishing with a walk in the dark!
All four dogs and handlers did really well, one or two points we picked up on were unnecessarily holding on to the cart, but maybe this was due to a lack of confidence in dogs and handlers ability. Handlers need to remember to limit their commands while still encouraging their dogs to carry out the maneuver.
Thank you to WNAG and our Test Manager, Sandy, for an enjoyable weekend.

Paul Dickinson & Kay Burridge

Level 2

Judges: Jane King & Jackie Bagnall
Entrants: 5 | Passes: 3
OwnerCall NameRegistered Name
Dickinson Maximus
Hulme Zak Stefsbears Zachariah
Hulme Natasha Bagglebears Moonlight

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Southern Newfoundland Club for inviting me to judge their January draught tests at Bryn Bach Park and to our hosts WNAG who work tirelessly in putting on these events. If it were not for the small number of working groups giving their time freely, the number of tests each year would be few and far between!
As is often the case at Parc Bryn Bach, the weather tried tirelessly to put a dampener on the weekend providing torrential rain on the Saturday and snow and cutting winds on the Sunday but as we Newfoundland owners and working enthusiasts are a hardy bunch the result was WNAG tests 1, the weather 0!
We had five entries in Level 2 from a mix of relative newcomers and seasoned veterans. All five passing the control section in blizzard conditions but unfortunately two then refused to complete the down stay. The three remaining dogs and handlers going on to easily complete their maneuvering and haul sections.
Both my co-judge, Jane and myself hope that our three first time Level 2 teams enjoyed their tests and we look forward to seeing you, along with all of our veterans again later in the year. Well done all!!

Jackie Bagnall & Jane King

Level 3

Judges: Kevin Clarke & David Viney
Entrants: 5 | Passes: 5
OwnerCall NameRegistered Name
Burridge Henry Bagglebears Man In The Moon
Burridge Dora Bagglebears Moondance
Boyle Chewie Dalrynewfs Chewie Chum
Walls Blue Blacktide Into The Blue
Dickinson Jinny

Cold day in Wales, with odd snow showers. We had five entries, all did good passes and coped well with the conditions.
One dog was a little weak on the back up and one needs work on the out-of-sight down stay. The other three had very good passes. Well done.

Kevin Clarke & David Viney