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President: Mrs. Christine Bodman


Saturday 03 & Sunday 04 October 2015 - Bryn Bach Park, Tredegar, Gwent

Kindly hosted by Welsh Newfoundland Activity Group

Test Manager - Jane King

"What a lovely weekend we had to hold the last water test of the season, the sun was shinning, but, there was a chilly wind. We had a lovely turnout from the north and south and so many willing to help with the stewarding.

They were both long days as we had a lot of entries, so a big thank-you to the judges and also to the stewards for their help to make it an enjoyable day, also thank you to Nev and Julie for their catering and keeping us all going.

Look forward to seeing you all next year."

Jane King

Entrants: 14      Passes: 14
Judges: Dave Thornton & Martin Magorrian

Congratulations to:

Burridge's Bagglebears Moonshine "Ellie"
Burridge's Bagglebears Moondance "Dora"
Burridge's Bagglebears Sirocco "Inka"
Burridge's Bagglebears Borasco "Jenga"
Burridge's Bridgestone Callaway at Bagglebears "Tia"
Webb's Ourfairview Dare To Bear for Barracechi "Mya"
Webb's Staneberne Dancing Water for Barracechi "Luna"
Arnold's Staneberne Jacobs Ladder "Hector"
Bartlett's Bagglebears Moonstruck "Willow"
Boyle's Syddyn Kia "Lexi"
Watt's Sheridel Sakami "Theo"
Bilsbough's Nereides Never Hug A Bear "Dillon"
Smith's Comfortcove Segno Di Stimia "Franki"
Dyer's Acara Scaramanga "Xavier"

Judges Reports - Section A

Report to follow

Dave Thornton

Report to follow

Martin Magorrian

Entrants: 11      Passes: 7
Judges: Karen Thompson & Ronnie Chadwick

Congratulations to:

Wood's "Alfie"
Wood's Sandbears Scrabble "Bella"
Turton's "Otis"
King's Safeharbour Hey Baby "Bonnie"
Dickinson's "Maximus"
Thorton's Applebanks Lucky Star "Moby"
Slater & Maris' "Annie"

Judges Reports - Section C

"A successful test with seven passes. There were some very steady working dogs, some excellent swims with handler. The main problem with those that did not pass seems to be the stranger, it always seems to be a sticky one. Well done to the successful ones and good luck with future tests for the others."

Ronnie Chadwick

"Lovely entry for this level. The standard was very high with some excellent swims, really impressive to watch. I must say that the controlled swims have improved enormously over the years. The entries that passed were all really good passes and the nearly made it were very close indeed.

Thanks to my co-judge Ronnie Chadwick had a lovely time judging and thanks to all the entrants for your entries."

Karen Thompson

Entrants: 4      Passes: 0
Judges: Ronnie Chadwick & Martin Magorrian

Judges Reports - Section E

Report to follow

Martin Magorrian

"There were four entrants at this level, but sadly no passes for co-judge Martin Magorrian and myself. There was some very good work on some of the exercises, but then refusals on others. One dog did three excellent exercises, but ran out of steam on the last and did her own thing.

Most of the dogs, I feel, are capable of passing - if they keep their working heads on, all understood what they were supposed to do but did their own thing!!"

Ronnie Chadwick

Entrants: 14      Passes: 5
Judges: Kevin Clarke & Kay Burridge

Congratulations to:

Wood's "Alfie"
Wood's Sandbears Scrabble "Bella"
Bull's Chateaunewf Pandora "Mitzy"
Arnold's Staneberne Jacobs Ladder "Hector"
Bilsbough's Nereides Never Hug A Bear "Dillon"

Judges Reports - Section B

"We had 14 entries with five passes today. Well done those who passed, those who failed did so on either the underwater retrieve or the controlled swim - we are sure with a little more work you will all pass this section very soon.

Thank you to the SNC for inviting us to judge, to the stewards and to Jane and her WNAG team for a great test weekend, they even managed to organize a fine dry weekend!"

Kevin Clarke & Kay Burridge

Entrants: 11      Passes: 1
Judges: Karen Thompson & Martin Magorrian

Congratulations to:

Dickinson's "Maximus"

Judges Reports - Section D

"My first time judging this level, I thoroughly enjoyed it. We had a great entry of 11 dogs.

Although we did not have many passes, all entrants were very good and of high standard. Many of them had already passed this level but just decided not to pass on this occasion. However the dogs all had fun and this is what counts at the end of the day. I am sure they are all capable of passing this level without too much trouble. Some of the boat exits were excellent - fabulous to see dogs leap from the boat.

Thank you to Martin Maggorian for allowing me to judge with him. Thanks to all the entrants for giving me the honour of judging our wonderful breed at this level.

I must finish by saying a big thank you to WNAG for running a wonderful event (as always). I just love this venue and the sun shone for us. A big thank you to Jane King for being the test manager and everyone involved for all the stewarding and work involved. Oh, and a big thank you for Nev's Nosh!! Nev and Julie very much appreciated."

Karen Thompson

Report to follow

Martin Magorrian