Water Tests - Sections A

15 July 2018
Bryn Bach, Tredegar, Gwent.

A special test! One of WNAG’s members had been followed by a film crew, detailing her water training from start to her first A test. Originally it was decided that the test would be 'for the cameras' only. However, it was discovered that Barley would be 6 months old by the time the film crew returned to Bryn Bach Park to film the final installment in her story. The Southern Newfoundland Club agreed that we could turn this into a 'proper' test and kindly arranged Judges.

This morning, the sun shone, the test area was set up, another puppy entered the test and filming commenced!

The judges put both puppies through their paces and declared both had more than excelled in the water with excellent passes.

Once the test was over, we broke the news to Mel & Jason that the test they had just done, was not just for the camera and that Barley had officially passed her first Section A test - their faces were a picture!

Thank you to WNAG members who messed in today to make this a successful day, filming went well and we are looking forward to watching 'The Life of Puppies' in the near future.

Thank you Southern Newfoundland Club for agreeing to and organizing this event.

Kay Burridge, Test Manager

Results and Reports - 15 July 2018

Section A

Judges: Jeff Burridge & Hailey Webb
Entrants: 2 | Passes: 2
OwnerCall NameRegistered Name
West Barley Wilbears Little Mermaid
Law Wilbur

Thank you to the SNC for arranging these special tests. We had two entrants today, both just 6 months old. They were very keen and enjoyed their time in the water and responded well to their handlers and had lots of fun.
We were very pleased to see that both passed with flying colours and we will look forward to seeing them progress through the levels.

Jeff Burridge & Hailey Webb