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President: Mrs. Christine Bodman


Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 September 2010 - Bryn Bach Park, Tredegar, Gwent

Kindly hosted by Welsh Newfoundland Activity Group

Test Manager - Mrs. Ann Thornton

"It made a welcome change for us to have the tests in Wales without it raining. We started on Saturday with test C with nine dogs entered, four passes, four failures and one withdrawal. We held test E next with three dogs entered, with only one pass, which was Harry Potter, well done him. Then we had test A, with twelve dogs entered, we had ten passes and two withdrawals. We also had five junior handlers operating during this test in which everyone passed.

On the Sunday unfortunately we had some bad news, Daisy, Sandra & John Constable's dog had passed away during the night. We asked Sandra if she wanted to carry on with the tests because she was judging. Sandra thought it best to carry on, all our thoughts were with her and John during the day.

We started with test D with eight dogs entered with only one pass, two retired and one withdrew. Then came the biggest test entry, test B, with twenty dogs entered. Nine dogs passed, six dogs failed and five withdrew.

I would like to thank all stewards for all their hard work on the bank and in the cold lake, also for Bev Clark for all the tasty hot food and drinks."

Ann Thornton

Pictures from the SNC Water Tests - 25 & 26 September 2010
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Entrants: 12      Withdrawn: 2      Passes: 10
Judges: Mick Reilly & Kay Burridge

Congratulations to:

Well's Staneberne Icing On The Cake for Lakearagorn "Nellie"
Johnson's Evanpark Ghost among Piratebears "Minnie"
Johnson's Evanpark Gandolf The Grey among Piratebears "Merlin"
Gaines' Mileoak O'Donovan "Deifen"
Gaines' Kjalarnes D "Tally"
Gaines' "Casper"
Arnold's Staneberne With Love to Newfarrier "Evie"
Thornton's Applebank Lucky Star "Moby"

Judges: Mick Reilly & Rachel Gaines

Congratulations to:

Burridge's Bridgestone Callaway "Tia"
Burridge's Hallmosa Waltzing Matilda "Tilly"

Judges Reports - Section A

"We had 10 entries today and 10 passes, well done to all entrants. The dogs varied from two young puppies to veteran dogs, some of which were worked by 5 junior handlers. Most of the passes were of a good standard which reflects well on our younger members, well done to everybody.

Thanks to the test manager and stewards for a good day, congratulations to Kay for putting up with me on her first test appointment and for Rachel standing in for Kay because of her own dogs being worked by juniors."

Mick Reilly

"I would like to thank Mick for guiding me through my first judging appointment which I enjoyed immensely, and to all the entrants who allowed me to judge their dogs. As Mick has said the standard was mostly high and I'm pleased to say that all dogs who attended the test passed.

I also would like to say a big thank you to Rachel for judging my dogs with Mick enabling my daughter to enter our dogs into this test.

Well done Ann and WNAG for organising a very enjoyable test."

Kay Burridge

Entrants: 8      Passes: 4
Judges: Rachel Gaines & Colin Chaplin

Congratulations to:

Constable's Hanningfield Water Willow "Willow"
Smithís Ursanigra Loweswater of Comfortcove "Tia"
Johnson's Sparkybears Two Shoes among Piratebears "Cru'ella"
Johnson's Evanpark Ghost among Piratebears "Minnie"

Judges Reports - Section C

Report to follow

Rachel Gaines

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Southern Newfoundland Club for asking me to judge at Bryn Bach Park in September. There was a lovely welcome waiting for us, and no end of refreshments. A really lovely day.

A total of 8 dogs took their Section C, with 4 passes. A word of encouragement to those that didn't pass that day, don't give up, keep going there is always another day.

I would also like to thank my co-judge for the day Rachel Gaines, and also all the stewards who worked very hard.

Well done to the Committee for arranging this test, and to all who took part, without the entrants we wouldn't have the tests. Many thanks."

Colin Chaplin

Entrants: 4      Withdrawn: 1      Passes: 1
Judges: Richard Fogg & Ken Rhodes

Congratulations to:

Baughís Bearhugs Harry Potter at Quietstorm "Mr. Potter"

Judges Reports - Section E

Report to follow

Richard Fogg

Report to follow

Ken Rhodes

Entrants: 20      Withdrawn: 5      Passes: 9
Judges: Sandra Constable & Karen Thompson

Congratulations to:

Smithís Ursanigra Loweswater of Comfortcove "Tia"
Frogatt's Safeharbour Wipeout "Buddy"
Moulsdale's Sheenmarie Right On Time "Yogi"
Moulsdale's Gladlands Expecto Patronium "Paddy"
Jamieson's Dixie Coco Boy "Grizzly"
Johnson's Evanpark Ghost among Piratebears "Minnie"
Johnson's Sparkybears Two Shoes among Piratebears "Cru'ella"

Judges: Rachel Gaines & Karen Thompson

Congratulations to:

Constable's Hanningfield Shipwright "Bramble"
Constable's Hanningfield Water Willow "Willow"

Judges Reports - Section B

"I must first start my report by thanking Ann Thornton the test manager, the entire Welsh group and everyone who attended the event, for their kind words and support for both myself and John, during the weekend.

Our beloved Daisy had to be put to sleep in the early hours of the morning of the test, and my decision to go ahead to judge was not borne out of a great sense of duty, honour or commitment but was because John and I very much wanted the tests to continue and for me it meant a few brief hours in which I could concentrate on judging and therefore I did not have to deal with the reality of the situation.

I must thank my fellow Judge Karen Thompson as her role on the day could not have easy and to Rachel Gaines who stepped in to judge two of Karenís dogs with me, once again thank you ladies.

The section B test proceeded like so many I have seen before many of the dogs passing the first 4 elements with flying colours only to fail at the controlled swim, itís a shame as so many looked extremely close to achieving a nice controlled swim, I can only say that practice makes perfect and the handlers need to practice with their dogs at each and every training opportunity not just the week or so before the test and hope for the best.

A couple of dogs also showed no interest in the underwater retrieve which is a difficult one, how do you engage a dog to do this exercise if it doesnít naturally put itís head under water. Perhaps a suggestion is for those dogs who don't like this exercise is that more handlers try to teach their dogs to trawl the object out of the water and then do the retrieve, again if this is done at every training opportunity both the handler and dogs may achieve their goal Ė I wish you luck!

Thank you to everyone for both their support and friendship over the whole weekend."

Sandra Constable

"I would like to thank The Southern Newfoundland Club for inviting me to judge at this event. It was a great weekend and the weather held out for us. Well done WNAG for a well run weekend and your fabulous hospitality. We had great entry for the last tests of the year. I would also like to thank everyone who entered and allowed me to judge their dogs. The standard of the B's was really good and we had some very nice passes. Had great fun at one point with everyone in the water including the dog trying to find the underwater retrieve as it had disappeared. Most of the ones that failed were very close - so better luck next time. We did have some very good swims however and the dogs that passed are certainly well and able to move up to a section C.

It was also a weekend tinged with sadness and I would like to say a big thank you and well done to Sandra Constable for carrying on and judging with me. I will look forward to judging for you again in the future."

Karen Thompson

Entrants: 8      Withdrawn: 1      Passes: 1
Judges: Mick Reilly & Lesley Fogg

Congratulations to:

Johnson's Evanpark Ghost among Piratebears "Minnie"

Judges Reports - Section D

Report to follow

Mick Reilly

Report to follow

Lesley Fogg