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Saturday 02 & Sunday 03 October 2010 - Bo Peep Caravan Park, Adderbury, Oxfordshire

Test Manager: Kevin Mercer

"We all had a fabulous weekend with a good number of entries. The weather on Saturday was dry and warm for Beginners, Level 1 and Level 3. The ring and manoeuvring course had been set up on Friday night to avoid getting up early on Saturday! Level 3, judged by John Brown and Mick Reilly, was up first but unfortunately only one dog progressed to the haul and passed – yippee Aoife passed Level 3 at last!! This was followed by Beginners and Level 1 which meant that judging finished with the presentation at about 17:00. Entries and passes on Saturday were as follows:-

  • Beginners - 6 entries with 6 passes
  • Level 1 - 6 entries with 3 passes
  • Level 3 - 4 entries with 1 pass

On Sunday Level 2 and 4 were scheduled but with no entries in level 2 and only one in Level 4 it was a quiet day. A quiet day was just what we needed!! As there was only one entry we commandeered other dogs for the down stay and haul. Despite the rain we had a great day, Level 4 test followed by brunch for all. Many congratulations to Angie and Louie who passed Level 4 qualifying for a Diploma. Very well done.

  • Level 2 - No entries
  • Level 4 - 1 entry with 1 pass

Many thanks to all the judges, call stewards, haul stewards without whom the tests could not take place. A special thank you to Carol who travelled to Bo Peep to judge one entry, much appreciated. Thank you to all the entrants who made this an enjoyable weekend – congratulations to everyone who passed."

Kevin Mercer (Test Manager)

Pictures from the SNC Draught Tests - 02/03 October 2010
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Judges: Kevin Mercer & Sue Dobson
Entrants: 6      Passes: 6

Congratulations to:

Lord's Starbern Sea Weed "Dudley"
Lord’s Mileoak Rince Ri "Amazon"
Lockheart's Safeharbour Love Man "Oz"
McKay's Culnor Apache Moon "Bronte"
Last's Womble Warrior "Scrumpe"
Hartley's Shalowseas The Tide Of Life "Benson"

Judges Reports - Beginners Level

"Bo-Peep is a very dog friendly caravan site and an excellent venue for Draught Tests. It was an excellent weekend.

There were 6 entries in Beginners, of which all passed. It was great to see many actively encouraging their dogs in the control section, which meant that the majority completed this element to a high standard. The most common reason for deducting points was tight leads on turns and when stopping. On the majority of occasions this was unnecessary and more down to the handlers nerves or just habit. It was good to see some first time entrants, new to draught that really enjoyed the day. Well done to all those who passed.

Thank you to our call steward and to all those who helped make the weekend so successful."

Kevin Mercer

Report to follow

Sue Dobson

Judges: Karen Thompson & John Brown
Entrants: 6      Withdrawn: 1     Passes: 3

Congratulations to:

Lord's Starbern Sea Weed "Dudley"
Mackillican's Sheenmarie Enchanted "Diesel"
Dobson's Ursanigra Derwent Water "Skye"

Judges Reports - Level 1

"Thank you to the Southern Newfoundland Club for asking me to judge at this event. This is a really lovely place to hold a draught test. Had some lovely entries and I thought that the standard of the dogs was very high and there were some lovely passes. On the control section there were very few tight leads and hardly any points were dropped. The recalls were all very good as well. The ones that didn't make it were very close and one of them was purely because the dog fell in love with one of the girls and just wanted to chase after her. This is always a bit of a problem with entire dogs.

Well done Kevin and his team for holding the test's it is always a nice relaxed atmosphere at Bo Peep. Thank you also to John Brown for judging with me and to the entrants for allowing me to judge their dogs."

Karen Thompson

Report to follow

John Brown

Judges: John Brown & Mick Reilly
Entrants: 4      Passes: 1

Congratulations to:

Mercer's Darkpeak Born To Run "Aoife"

Judges Reports - Level 3

Report to follow

John Brown

"There was 4 entrants at this level. The standard in the control section was of a reasonable standard with a few tight leads noticed and the back up caused problems for all entrants on the day, a bit more practice required by all. Two dogs went onto down stay but unfortunately 1 sat up leaving only 1 dog going on to manoeuvring section which was successfully passed & going out on haul which was satisfactorily completed and gave this team their first pass at this level, well done both.

Thanks to everybody who entered, stewards etc for their help and Kev for organising everything well on the day and John for judging with me. Thanks"

M J Reilly

Judges: David Pugsley & Marcus Sutherington
Entrants: NO ENTRIES
Judges: Carol Pugsley & Kevin Mercer
Entrants: 1      Passes: 1

Congratulations to:

Fitzgerald's Joalta Moon Mission "Louie"

Judges Report - Level 4

"Only the one entry for this level. This team work very well together, so it was a pleasure to pass them this was their multi-pass (diploma). Well done to them for a testing test not only the terrain but for the weather conditions as it rained and rained and rained, but newfie people are used to it. Bo-Peep is an excellent venue for draught at all levels.

Thanks to the test manager & my co-judge Kevin Mercer."

Carol Pugsley

Report to follow

Kevin Mercer