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President: Mrs. Christine Bodman


Sunday 13 July 2014 - Ashleworth, Gloucester

Kindly hosted by Margaret & Brian Cox
Test Manager - Mrs. Cheryl Payne

"First of all I would like to thank everyone who made it possible for these tests to take place. A very special thank you to our Judges Jackie and Karen - they really encouraged the candidates to do their very best, and to Angie Mercer for being a great call steward among all the other jobs that she undertook on the day!

The whole fun day had so much going on, that it was difficult for people to do everything - which is the sign of a fabulous event.

The candidates that arrived for the beginners tests were well prepared and could easily have gone onto the next level - perhaps we can think about that for next year's event.

The sun was bright, the venue was great, and Margaret and her husband Brian had made sure that there was plenty of room.

I think this was very successful with all three dogs and handlers passing with flying colours.

As always it was a pleasure to be involved in such a great SNC event and seeing people do so well with their Newfoundlands. Thank you all very much."

Cheryl Payne

Entrants: 3      Passes: 3
Judges: Jackie Bagnall & Karen Thompson

Congratulations to:

Whittakers' Freddybears Rugby Girl "Zoe"
Lee's Bearhugs Tyrion "Baloo"
Stott's "Paris"

Judges Reports

"What a beautiful day we had for Margaret Collins fun day! The weather was ideal. Warm and dry but slightly overcast so not too hot for the many newfies and other breeds which had come to enjoy the day. There was plenty to do and a decent sum to be made for Southern Newfoundland Club welfare!

Firstly I would like to thank our call steward Angie Mercer for putting our three entries at their ease and co-judge Karen Thompson, a very knowledgeable, experienced working judge for assisting me in what proved to be three very good passes.

All three teams worked really well, with very few points dropped by any and only a few tight leads, which can often be the cause of many dropped points. Well done to you all. I hope to see all three of you working your dogs under me again at the higher levels in the future."

Jackie Bagnall

"Firstly a big THANK YOU to Margaret Collins for hosting a lovely event.

We had three entries for the beginners draught. All three were lovely calm dogs and had no problem with passing this level. I am sure they are all capable of gaining higher awards. Hardly any points dropped at all for all three dogs.

Thanks Jackie Bagnall for judging with me and Angie Mercer for being our call steward.

The weather was kind to us and it was a smashing day. Well done everyone for organising it, we all know it takes a lot of hard work."

Karen Thompson