Draught Tests - All Levels: Beginners to Level 4

07 October 2021
St. Martin, Jersey, Channel Islands
Hosted by Friends of Jersey Big Dog Club

We tested 14 dogs at all levels at the Activity Centre in St Martin. All the control and maneuvering sections were held at the site as were the lower level hauls. Level 3 haul went down the steep hill to Gorey then onto the beach where the teams had to negotiate rocks, steps and other obstacles - we had a well deserved pass at this level. We had many passes in the lower levels and several teams needing a little more work that I have no doubt will be passing soon.

A big thank you to all those who came over to support our event, the judges, stewards and helpers who make these tests possible. A special thank you to the Friends of JBDC for keeping the judges fed and watered.

Anita Pallot, Test Manager

Results and Reports

Beginners Level

Judges: Caroline Germain & Sara Davies
Entrants 2: Passes: 2
OwnerCall NameRegistered Name
Ballingall Sooty Drooblebears Noel
Pallot Rocky Vodahond Blackman Ray

Judges: Caroline Germain & Kay Burridge
Entrants: 1 Passes: 1
OwnerCall NameRegistered Name
Davies Kubeba Barracechi Urs De Munte

We judged three good teams teams, really pleasing to see veterans and young teams.
Many thanks to Friends Of JBDC and the Southern Newfoundland Club for inviting us to judge and for their hospitality.

Caroline Germain, Sara Davies & Kay Burridge

Level 1

Judges: David Taylor & Jeff Burridge
Entrants 4: Passes: 2
OwnerCall NameRegistered Name
Ballingall Sooty Drooblebears Noel
Pallot Ninja Staneberne Wave Rider

It was very misty at the start of the Level 1 test. Four were dogs entered, two dogs passed and two dogs so nearly there more work generally needed in the control section and keeping dogs attention.

David Taylor & Jeff Burridge

Level 2

Judges: Jeff Burridge & Steve Pallot
Entrants 5: Passes: 0

We tested five teams at this level, the weather was misty and drizzling. All teams worked well, but unfortunately we didn't have any passes. A little more work from some of the teams should see them pass this section in the future.
Thank you to the SNC for inviting us to judge and thanks to the Friends Of JBDC for hosting and keeping us fed and refreshed.

Jeff Burridge & Steve Pallot

Level 3

Judges: Dave Viney & Clive Haylock
Entrants 2: Passes: 1
OwnerCall NameRegistered Name
Germain Erik Didleo German Saule (Leonberger)

We judged two teams in Level 3 today, one team did not make the necessary standard and did not complete the haul. The other did a good Control Section, Down Stay and Maneuvering section and a brilliant haul, completing all elements with a very good pass. ..."And who put hill there" ...
Thank you for inviting us to judge and the goody bag dinners. It was a good work out for everybody.

Dave Viney & Clive Haylock

Level 4

Judges: Dave Viney & Clive Haylock
No Entries